1. Author – Vivek Rai


  1. How transformation is changing our Society?
  2. Are we living life in our own way ?
  3. Why soul in relationship missing among life partners ?
  4. Invest in life – We need these to lead quality life
  5. Are we living life to nurture next generation ?
  6. How important is “Seeking” in life ?
  7. What do we want from life ?
  8. Why we need money and for what?
  9. What should be the way to get success & money which will help us to lead quality life?

Financial Freedom

  1. Importance of Passive Income
  2. How much money is sufficient for our needs ?
  3. Investing money in right direction
  4. What is the right age for financial freedom ?
  5. How much Corpus we need for financial Freedom ?
  6. How to create big corpus from small savings ?
  7. What kind of Assets & Income we require ?
  8. Post Office Schemes are the best tool for multiplying your investments
  9. Which post office plan is best and for what ?
  10. How important is discipline in Saving & investment ?
  11. We really need own House ?
  12. Check status of your social security
  13. Eight steps towards Financial Freedom
  14. How age impact to achieve Financial Freedom ?
  15. Some tips to avoid unnecessary expenses
  16. Why I am not able to save money ?
  17. Nine tools to build Social Security
  18. Bank Fixed deposit schemes are reasonable tool to enhance your investments
  19. How much money do we need to enjoy life?
  20. How Financial Freedom is good for self and society?
  21. How to invest in NSC in Post Office?
  22. Factors to be considered before making investment decisions
  23. How much probabilities are there to achieve financial freedom In India ?
  24. Why I am hesitant to start saving for Social Security ?
  25. Basic planning for financial Freedom
  26. Lockdown time is the right time to check bare minimum expenses
  27. How important is Social Security during Covid -19 pandemic time?
  28. Invest in NSC for best returns
  29. How to manage your own financial portfolio?
  30. Will Setting up Higher Goal of Corpus impact present life?
  31. Post Office Fixed Deposit Vs Bank Fixed Deposit
  32. Five things are necessary to lead a secured life
  33. How can I maintain my Investments & Assets by self ?
  34. Earn 25k per month by investing 38.52 lakhs
  35. Are you risking your savings?
  36. Make your financial Backbone stronger


  1. 8 hobbies which add value to our lifestyle
  2. Way of dressing has major role to improve your personality
  3. Ten smart small sport bags help to gear up your lifestyle
  4. Know more about tourist destinations across India
  5. How Covid -19 pandemic can Impact our Life?
  6. Long stay vacation at Hill Station homes
  7. Small House Interior Ideas
  8. Health is a big corpus for Financial Freedom
  9. How to make your home life peaceful?
  10. Simple ways to improve your mental strength
  11. Explore your qualities during lockdown time
  12. What you need to set up a Home Studio?
  13. Which is most important Mental Health or Fitness?


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