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Join “InvestForQualityLife” affiliate program to get faster growth in life and earn faster.

If you are good in any of the below……..

  • Direct sale
  • Good client’s network
  • Experience in selling banking investment schemes, LIC, SIP or any financial product
  • Passion to earn more
  • Fresher and want to work hard to grow financially
  • Freelancer
  • Having job and wanted to do freelancing work to earn more
  • Social media influences or having good number of followers
  • Digital Marketer
  • Telecaller
  • Not having job and want to do freelancing work

You can join our affiliate program.

How it works?

We have a digital product “Premium Investment Tracker” (a software) by which people can manage their personal finance and can track their money, investments & assets records in detail. This “Personal Finance Management” software is only for Indian citizen those are in service or business and invested their money in India. This software is completely secured. It is offline and can be saved in PC/Laptop/Hard drive etc.

You can physically explain or send the product link ( see the below links ) to the buyer to understand full details of the digital product.

Buyer have to pay directly to us. Once we received payment from the buyer, the digital product we will send by mail directly to the client/buyer.

How much is the Affiliate Commission

On every sale, affiliate member will get commission as per below chart. The affiliate member can share their affiliate Code with clients so while purchasing the product clients can share the code with us. By this code we get to know which affiliate has done the sale.

When you get the commission?

The payment of the commission will be made to you in 15 days. The payment will be made through online. The grace period of sale is 10 days after which the commission amount will be transferred.

Know About Product –

To know more about Product i.e. Premium Investment Tracker” a Personal Finance Management Software, please go to the below links

Read about the product –

Demo Video about the Product –

About Affiliate Program (Video) –

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