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If you are good in any of the below……..

  • Direct sale
  • Good client’s network
  • Experience in selling banking products like Credit Card, Loan, investment schemes, LIC, SIP or any other financial product
  • Telecalling
  • Digital Marketing
  • Whatsapp and Email marketing
  • Social media influences, having good number of followers
  • Freelancing
  • Fresher and want to work hard to grow financially
  • Having job and wanted to earn extra
  • Not having job and want to do freelancing work.
  • Passion to earn faster

You can join our Affiliate Program.

Introduction of Affiliate Program

In India, people above age 18 years are earning money by their profession like Job, business or other means which they are spending on their need first.

Also they are saving money and investing in different investments option like Banks, Post Office, Recurring deposit ( RDs), Public Provident Fund (PPF), Insurance policies, Systematic Investment Plan (SIP), Mutual Fund, Stocks, Bonds, Retirement Corpus, Real Estate investments, Gold and many such schemes. Also they are keeping Cash and keeping things in bank Lockers.

But after investment, generally they are not keeping any records of their investments & assets. Because of that they are facing difficulty……

  1. to maintain each and every detail of their saved money and investments.
  2. They do not know exactly how much money they have.
  3. They are not able to calculate how much per month income they are generating by their investments.
  4. They are not able to organize their investment documents of all their invested money like FD certificate, Insurance policies paper, Gold jewellery bills, property registration documents or any kind of documents.
  5. They generally forgot the user ID and password of their banks/ investment institute portals, Social media accounts, email ids or such kind of accounts.

We have identified these problems and we have designed a software “Premium Investment Tracker” which is in Microsoft Excel by which anyone can record all details of their saved money & investments and also calculate income per month by investments by just feeding details of investments in this software. This software has many auto calculators which calculate automatically.

This software has designed in such a way, so even any non accounting background person by just having typing skill can maintain their personal finance so easily. It is offline and password protected hence it is completely secured. Any person can maintain their investment details confidentially & Securely in their computer.

By this software, people can maintain detailed information of their money, investments & assets and can know all aspect of their invested money even though if they are of non-accounting background, working in companies/corporate/business/ start-ups having different positions and skill sets like IT, Technical, Marketing, Manufacturing, Medical, Doctor, Writer, Social media influencers, celebrities and any other fields.

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How Affiliate Program works?

This “Personal Finance Management” software is only for Indian citizen those have been investing their money in India. This software can be saved in PC/Laptop/Hard drive/Pen drive, etc.

Affiliate members can physically explain or send the product link to the buyer to understand full details of the software.

Buyers can purchase this software by paying directly to us. Once we received payment from the buyer, we will send the software by mail directly to the client/buyer so they can download in their computers.

How much is the Affiliate Commission

On every sale, affiliate member will get commission as per below chart. The affiliate member can share their affiliate Code allotted by us with clients so while purchasing the product clients can share the code with us. By this code we get to know which affiliate has done the sale.

Decide your monthly Earning

When you get the commission?

The payment of the commission will made to you on weekly basis. The payment will be made through online. The grace period of sale is 7 days from the sale date. After which the commission amount will be transferred to affiliate member.

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