How can I maintain my Investments & Assets by self ?

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We are earning money by our mind and hard work. We are spending this money for disposing of our responsibilities and the rest we are saving to invest in different types of schemes and buying assets like houses, lands, plots, jewellery, etc.

But we are not keeping the records of all our investments. We are only keeping hard copies of the investment certificates like Passbooks, FD certificates, Bond Certificates and many such documents in one place. If these investments are very few then it always at our fingertips but as this increases, during the course of time we generally forgot how much investment we have done and where.

We generally do not have answers to few own questions like…..

  • How much money I have till today ?
  • How much money I have in which bank or Institution or Scheme ?
  • How much tentative earning per month I am getting from my investments ?
  • How much money I have invested in Real estate properties ?
  • What is the present value of my real estate properties ?
  • How much monthly Rental income I am getting from all my Real Estate properties ?
  • How much corpus of retirement I have till today ?
  • How much cash is available to me for emergency needs ?
  • How much gold, Silver …..etc I have and I kept where ?
  • What is the present value of gold, silver I have ?
  • What is in my bank Lockers ?
  • Who are the nominees of my investments?
  • If I am having all the details then I can plan my investments properly and get good returns ?
  • Where is the personal info of mine & my family members like PAN, Aadhar, Passport, Driving Licence, birth certificate etc. and where I kept ?

These questions are bothering us.

You need an answer to all these questions?

Yes, you have a solution ……if you maintain all these details then you will get answers to all the question.

I don’t want to share my investment details with anyone?

It’s true, many of us are thinking that money management is a very personal thing so want to keep secret and don’t want to share it with anyone. You wanted to keep all information with you only.

You have solution to both your Problem

“Premium Investment Tracker” is your solution to all your problems. If you are updating this tracker regularly then you will get all the answers.

The “Premium Investment Tracker” is the single Microsoft Excel file that contains few sheets inside. This has been designed in such a way, when you feed the details on your invested money or assets then you will get the desired results in sheet “My Portfolio” also these entered details will remain in the sheets.

After filling all the available details further if you update on regular basis then every time you will get updated details of money & assets and accordingly you can plan your investments.

This excel file is password protected and only you will create the password so it will remain completely confidential in your personal laptop or PC or pen drive or external hard disk.

Why you need “Premium Investment Tracker” ?

  • To resolve all your questions & to keep update yourself.
  • Once you have these details, you can plan your investments properly.
  • You can re-invest your investment on maturity.
  • Nowadays most of the investments we are doing online and not keeping any physical hard copies. If any time some error occurs or you are not able to access the details of your investments online, but if you have entered all the details in your Premium Excel Tracker then you can reach any time to the details of your investments.
  • A single Excel file will maintain all your investment details in one place.
  • If you track your investment on a regular basis and plan your investments properly then you will get more effortless income from your invested money.

It makes you a Smart Investor ?

If you smartly invest this saved money in different investment options where your hard earn money is reasonably secured then it will give you a new source of income. This earning on the invested money is known as “effortless Income” which you can generate without any physical efforts.

To get this effortless income, regular tracking of your investment is very necessary which can help you to track & plan your investments. To track this you need a “Premium Investment Tracker”.

This tracker will keep you updated about your investments and make you a smart investor.

So just get the “premium Investment Tracker” now.

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