Hi, this is Vivek Rai. I am a blogger……….writing blogs on Life, Financial freedom and Lifestyle.

My profession

By profession I am a Civil Engineer, having professional experience of 28 years in the corporate world in senior positions. Although my hobby is more into finance.

Motive behind “Invest For Quality Life”

My motive to start my Blog “InvestForQualityLife” is to guide people for living a happy healthy and quality life. This will happen when you have mindset to live life happily. Other than mindset you need enough money or passive source of income and more important is “Time”. This precious “Time” you can spend to live life the way you want and to do something in life other than money.

This all will happen when you will have enough money or effortless income to dispose of your responsibilities and further you can focus on the motives of your life. 

I am helping people to live their life peacefully, gracefully and guiding them to invest their valuable money & time in such a way so they need not work for money and can live their life respectfully with a gracious lifestyle.

I am helping people mainly those are in companies/corporates/business/ startups having different skill sets like IT, Technical, Marketing, Manufacturing, Medical and other fields for maintaining their personal finance even a single rupee. People are good in their skill set but most of the time it has been observed, they are not good in maintaining personal finance. For those I have created a way so they can maintain their money/ finances by themselves without taking help of finance experts or CA. Our personal finance is a subject which we don’t want to share with others and want to keep with self only. By this method you can confidentiality maintain your money & investments by self in correct way.

My blog “Invest for quality life” also helping & guiding people to achieve Financial Freedom & Social Security by generating passive income so life can be lived easily, without working for money. Also how our lifestyle can help us to take our life with quality living.

Why do we need to live a quality life?

Only quality life can give us the confidence to lead our life joyfully and respectfully.

Most of us are spending whole life just to fulfill our basic needs of routine life. Due to our liabilities, we are not thinking beyond this traditional lifestyle. If simultaneously we think and start working on how we can live a quality life by utilizing our valuable time & money in the right direction so after some time it will start giving fruits to us by way of quality life. This will help us to lead a life without working for money and more important to help us to live happy & satisfied life. Further, we can able to fulfill our dreams & hobbies too. 

In what way we are helping?

I believe few things look minor but that can change the entire way of living so I am suggesting ways to save, monitor, and invest your hard-earned money and time in the right direction which can give you stress-free life after reaching your financial goals.

I am suggesting on………

“A very small change in thinking can change our entire way of life which allow us to lead the life the way we want to live”.

For any quires, you feel free to contact us. or can connect with us on Whatsapp Chat – 7842260834 ( India )