Happiness is a Journey not a destination

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In this world, most of us are running behind to get success, recognition, respect, fame, power and money. To get these, we are making our best efforts in life and doing all the things that can help to get these all.

If you look closely, the main objective is to get happiness in life.

But are we really getting happiness?

Why it is happening?

Starting from childhood society is teaching us to chase and get the things in life and we are chasing and running behind the things blindly.

Recognition, respect, fame, power and money nowadays become indicators of a successful person which largely makes human life more complex and stressful.

By chasing these, many people succeeded, few got partly and many are struggling to get. The race to become successful is making life more stressful and struggling.

Many people are successful in life but not happy with the things. Facially they look happy but in reality, every day they are struggling to retain their position of success. They are stressing themselves to all levels to keep success intact.

It’s true that we need all these but not the way by stressful life which in the end of the day giving unpleasant and unhappy life.

What is success?

Generally, we are running behind the things which we don’t have like money, power, fame…..and many more such things which we don’t have. We are under the impression that once we succeed in have all such things then we will be the happiest person.

But later we generally found that is not true.

Many so-called successful personalities are living very stressful life even after reaching at top of their career. They are disappointed with their personal or professional life and that impacts their life in such a way that even “Success” is not helping them to live life happily.

If you look closely at their interviews, they are talking about their struggling days and how they get succeeded in life. Largely if you see they enjoyed their journey to become something.

If you compare their struggling days with their successful life, in both the time they had some kind of problems in their life due to which they were not happy and even after getting success they looks happy but in reality, they are struggling with other kinds of problems of life which is making their life stressful.

So we all are more or less having some problems in life either when you are not successful or when you are successful.

Why this is happening?

Many events are happening in life every day and we are passing through these all events which make us sometimes happy or sometimes stressful. We have so much indulge in it and overthinking about it, which keeps us in stressful conditions. That kills our happiness and again to get back the happiness, we start chasing to resolve. We quickly give the tag it as “problem”

We need to understand once we tag as problem then by telling that it becomes complex and then complexity starts in our life to solve it.

Let’s not make it as problem, let’s keep it as an event by which you have to pass through. It is better to understand the event with a positive mind and approach to it without fear.

This mindset makes your life much easier while passing in the events of life. Every day we are pass through many events in life, and learning to pass through from that event with cool mind without stress can help you to maintain happiness the entire day.

Try to enjoy these events

These small events all together make a large life. If we learn to enjoy these events irrespective of recognition, respect, fame, power and money then life will be much easier than it was earlier. Our main focus should be to live every event of the day in a cherished way and do it with cool temperament and relaxed mind. We generally try to resolve such events as quickly like in few minutes everything is going to end.

Let’s taste the life with ease. Make your personality more understandable & logical and if you do so then you quickly get to know the reason for the event and if you know the reason then your stress level will be much lower.

Reasons that influencing happiness

Main reasons that make you more stressed when you are passing by an event…….

  • In any difficult event, we generally tag it as a “problem”.
  • We generally overthink about events since we have ample time to think.
  • We always are in a hurry to resolve as quickly as like the world is going to end soon.
  • We try to deal with the event in very short time that’s makes life stressful and complex.

We need to understand that once you do something either in your personal or professional life, every day you will pass through the events which badly impact your happiness. We should learn to deal with these with cool mind by thinking that we do not have anything in our hands except our effort by which you can deal with it smartly without stressing up your mind.

You should learn to enjoy dealing with such events coolly so the journey to deal with the problem is become enjoyful and hardly impact your happiness. Once you learn this technique then you can enjoy every moment of life.

How you can deal with it?

Once you understood that you are living with time, now it is up to you how you can engage your time in good things with positive and resolving mind. You have to keep stress away by just a positive thought that you are not a God who resolves the things in one blink, you are just a normal human being that only can make the best effort to deal with the events and in any effort either you succeed or fail.

Once you start practicing this, you will feel that you are living the time with joy. These joyful moments of life make your journey more beautiful.

So treat life as a journey, don’t create unnecessary destinations/ goals. Don’t run much behind success, just do meaningful things that give you fulfillment, satisfaction and add happiness to your life.

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