What features an Investment Tracking tool must have?

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As a normal person other than accounting background people, we need a simple investment tracking system in which by just feeding data of investment, it should give clear picture of our personal finance.

Let see what feature it should have?……….

1. It should records each and every investment details including cash, paper investments, online investments, real estate, gold, investment made in business venture or start-up……every single saved n invested money by you.

2. It should show the details like scheme type, institution, account no., account holders, amount, maturity amount, duration, interest rate, nominees, gold quantity, purchase cost of property, rental income and many such minor records of investments.

3. It should calculate monthly earning from each investment and monthly earning from all investments.

4. It should update about your retirement corpus.

5. It should record your locker belongings.

6. It can able to show your financial net worth as on today.

7. It should manage your physical investment document management (scans).

8. It should manage User ID & password management.

9. It should records all the details of family member’s important documents like Name, age, PAN, Aadhar, passport.

10. It should be offline and password protected so all the details can remain confidential, can be saved in PC/ external hard disk or mobile and should be secured.

11. It should be maintenance free and no AMC payments to be made. If one time changes to be paid then it’s fine.

12. Tracking tool should be like that so in case service providing company stop providing service or shut down even after it should work.

13. It should have user manual so in case of facing difficulty it can be resolved without approaching service provider because if you go the service provider, he may get to know all your confidential investments and money details.

14. It should be like, so by having typing skill one can only feed data, rest tool will calculate all and generate statements which can tell holistic view of investments.

15. If you are not of accounts background like engineers, marketing & sales professionals, writers, educators, doctors, chef, celebrity, people from social media or any such profession even after you can able to maintain without taking help of CA or financial advisor.

What is the ways to get all the above features

If you note down in your Note book/ Dairy then you can not get many features. If you maintain in third party app then you your investment information may get shared. If you design the software by any software designer then it will be very expensive and you need to pay AMC too, If you maintain in Excel you may get few features but you can not able to calculate may things.

One of the right and secured ways is that if you have Pre-design software in Excel then you will get all the 15 features and more.

Watch this video till end to know how you can maintain all by just having typing skill.

If you are looking for any kind of help, you can connect with me. I will do best possible help.

My motive is, people can know their money closely and can plan their investment properly.

Your are feel free to connect with me by whatapp chat through my website.

What ever way you adopt but tracking your investment will help you to boost your saving and investment habit. If you know all the details of your available money, investments & assets then you can plan your investment strategies. So do not ignore this important aspect of your personal finance which is tracking your money.

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