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A smiley face is a sign of our happiness and if this happiness comes from our inner heart then it gives us a pleasant feeling. This happiness is the key to lead quality life. We get this happiness when we get success in our life. This success can be from small things or it can be from big things. Even a small success can also keep us happy.

What is “Success” ?

The meaning of success can differ and it can be different depending upon person to person. Many times we are telling that this person is very successful in life and our general perception about success is mainly related to fame, money, having luxury lifestyle, good position, richness etc.

But in reality, the meaning of success is little different. The real success is that “what you want, you get it” whether it is small or big. Even in our daily life, we want something to achieve and if we can able to achieve then it makes us happy. This is the real success that keeps us happy. These many small happiness giving feel good feeling and help us to live happily.

Success can quantify ?

It is true that success cannot quantify. Whether it is small or big, it is more important how much happiness it is giving to us. We want everything should go smoothly as per our wishes and if it is going as per our wishes we feel so happy. In a day sometimes we depressed, sometimes we happy and sometimes whole day we depressed and sometimes whole day we keep happy. It is completely depending upon the events happening in a day in our life which keeps us happy or depressed.

Success is the only key to lead quality life ?

It is true that success plays vital role in our life to keep us happy and help us to live quality life but many other factors are also equally important to lead quality life. These factors make our life easy and stress free. If we get all in our life our happiness will be at the top.

Let see what are these factors are…..    

1. Health – Health is very important element of our life. If we are healthy our higher energy levels help us do many things. It will give us strength to our body and keep us energetic.  Many things we can do to keep us healthy like disciplined way of life, taking nutritious food, doing exercise, yoga, maintain hygienic condition, avoiding junk food etc. 

But few things are not in our control like injury due to accident, inheritance diseases etc. where we do not have much control.

Also, it is important that our family members should keep healthy. Even their illness can also make an adverse effect on our quality of life. 

We can make best effort to keep himself healthy and our family members.

2. Easy income source – In real-world money is very important element of life by which we can buy comforts and can lead a good quality lifestyle. Generally to earn money we are taking so much pain and our life is becoming struggling & stressful which is giving adverse effect on our health and the same time it is snatching happiness from our life.

If our way of earning gives happiness and we can able to earn money without stress or with less stress then we can live life happily. If we have enough backup money or earning sources by which we can able to generate regular income that can take care of all our needs, liabilities and to maintain the lifestyle then also our life will be much easier and can very much help us to lead a quality life.

Creating easy way of income can make our life stress free and help us to live quality life.

3. Freedom – We all want to live life freely without any bounding, liabilities etc. but in real world we cannot ignore our liabilities.  For few liabilities we need money and for few, our presence is required.

Especially for money, many of us are having a struggling life to earn money with no time and due to which somehow we are feeling that we are like a time bond machine which is controlled by others, there is no freedom in our life. Since our regular liabilities have been fulfilled by these earnings, so we are going ahead with life as it takes us. By taking care of liabilities if we can also live life freely then it will be awesome.

For example, if our earning profession should be likable then we can enjoy every moment of our professional life. This freedom of work can also keeps our mind relaxed and stress-free.

If somehow we can manage to secure financial security then up & downs in professional carrier & liabilities can be easily managed without any stress.  This enables us to live life happily and confidently.     

4. Respect – We are giving our best to make the good position in society to earn respect and if we get it then we feel so proud & happy. This earned respect gives us confidence and boosts our morale. This respect is making way to do something good.

Human nature is to listen praising words from other’s mouth and if someone is saying these parsing words respectfully then we feel so good. This earned respect makes us happy. Earning respect in society is one of the major aspects which helps us happy and can help to lead quality life.

5. Profession we like most – If we see in a day, we are spending almost 9-10 hours in professional life and 3-4 hours for us & family and rest of the time we are spending in managing routine works & sleep etc. By in large around 9-10 hours we are spending with the profession. If we are enjoying our work/ profession then we are enjoying a larger part of the day with happiness.

So it is very important that our profession should give happiness so we can feel good in our professional life. This happiness helps us to lead quality life.

6. Dream house – Living in a dream house is the place where we feel so comfortable. If we are living in a house which is our dream house then it will give us a very pleasant feeling that keeps us very happy and satisfied. Even a small garden or plantation will keep our eyes cool.

7. Home environment – If we are living in a dream house but our home environment has quarrel then you feel uncomfortable with the home environment. We all need peaceful life. Although it is depending on other’s family members how they behave.

In many families, one person has quarrelsome behavior and because of him, the whole home environment becomes quarrelsome which is not allow us to lead quality life.        

8. Good society around – How our home environment impacts our life, same way society & people around us can impact on our life. People & society around us should be cordial & liberal. This makes our living easy. We humans are social and we need society, friends around us. We cannot live alone forest like place.       

9. Good lifestyle – Lifestyle is also very important element which helps us to lead quality life. Our lifestyle should be as such which keeps us happy. Many things we can do to enhance our lifestyle.

Our lifestyle should be according to our earning so we can able to manage lifestyle comfortably without any financial stress. 

Hobbies can also add value to our lifestyle.   

10. Good Life partner – Good life partner is a big support to our life in good and bad times. If our support is good we can withstand in any situation and can face challenges in our life. We need someone very close to us who can share sadness & happiness with us in all situations. This is very emotional support sometimes looks very normal but can help us to lead quality life.

11. Looks – If we are confident with our looks & fitness then it will boost up our confidence level. It keeps us happy. We feel so good in social gatherings, professional workplaces etc. This confidence level gives us immense happiness and confidence which help us to lead happy life.  

Also our way of dressing has major role to improve our personality.    

In above all, many things we are getting by hard work and many of by god grace or by luck. A combination of both can make our life full of happiness and this will help us to live quality life. 

Happiness is the main key to lead quality life. This happiness can be from small things or big things but it is more important that happiness should be big. If we get this happiness then we are the luckiest one.

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