Do you organize your money regularly?

Organizing money can give you a new source of income. These earnings become significant in your life when it grows to the level where you can meet your expenses towards need & take care of responsibilities.

This effortless money can only give you stress-free and confident life.

Yes it is true…..

To organize your money, you need to track and update your investments on a regular basis so you can plan your investments properly and get good returns.

Do you have answers to these questions?

Many things are running in your mind like…….

  • How much money I have till today ?
  • How much money I have in which bank or Institution or Scheme ?
  • How much earning per month I am getting from my investments ?
  • How much money I have invested in Real Estate properties ?
  • What is the present value of my real estate properties ?
  • How much monthly Rental income I am getting from all my Real Estate properties ?
  • How much corpus of retirement I have till today ?
  • How much cash is available to me for emergency needs ?
  • How much gold, Silver …..etc I have and I kept where ?
  • What is the present value of gold, silver ?
  • What is in my bank Lockers ?
  • Who are the nominees of my investments?
  • How my Spouse or successor will come to know about my money & investments after me ?
  • If I am having all the details then I can plan my investments properly and get good returns ?
  • Where is the personal info of mine & my family members like PAN, Aadhar, Passport, Driving Licence, birth certificate etc. ?

These questions are bothering you.

You want ways or means by which you can answer to all these questions.

Also it is more important, how can I maintain all investments related details by myself so all the things will remain confidential & secure?

Yes, you have a solution to all your Questions…….if you have “Premium Excel Tracker” and you are updating it regularly then you will get all the answers.

Start doing from now with “Premium Excel Tracker

One time investment of just Rs 999/- will solve all your problems.

Why you need “Premium Excel Tracker” ?

  • To resolve all your questions & to keep update yourself.
  • Once you have these details, you can plan your investments properly.
  • You can re-invest your investment on maturity.
  • Nowadays most of the investments we are doing online and not keeping any physical hard copies. If any time some error occurs or you are not able to access the details of your investments online, but if you have entered all the details in your Premium Excel Tracker then you can reach any time to the details of your investments.
  • A single Excel file will maintain all your investment details in one place.
  • This is offline hence your data is safe from hacking.
  • This will give complete information of your money & Investment to your Spouse or legal heir after you.

What is “Premium Excel Tracker”

The “Premium Excel Tracker” is for tracking your investment made in different banks, institutions and investment schemes, assets available with you and many other details.

With this tracker, you will get detailed information about your investments.

This tracker is a single Microsoft Excel file that contains few sheets inside. This Excel file is as simple so the person who has basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel can easily understand and can able to use it.

As your investments & personal financial is very confidential matter hence this sheet is password protected. You need to create a password by own and then only you can access your investments & assets details.

This “Premium Excel Tracker” will highlight and apprise you about

  • The available money with you as on date.
  • How much money or investment in which banks or institutions.
  • How much tentative earring you are getting per month from your investments.
  • You can maintain details of investments made in Banks, Post Office, Recurring deposit ( RDs), Public Provident Fund (PPF), Insurance policies, Systematic Investment Plan (SIP), Bonds, available Cash, Bank Locker, Retirement Corpus, Real Estate investments, Gold & other valuable metals etc.
  • Every detail of your investment like investor name with joint holders, Investment number, Bank or institute where you have invested, investment date, maturity date, applicable interest, nominees,  etc.
  • Investment details of your real estate properties in detail.
  • How much rental income getting from your assets.
  • Status of your retirement benefits and Corpus
  • Cash available with you.
  • Status of your investment in Gold and other valuable metals.
  • Bank Locker details
  • By maintaining this tracker, you need to keep scan copies of your investments & Assets documents.

By this tracker Can I become a Smart Investor ?

You are earning money by different ways and means. When you get this hard earn money, generally first you are spending for your basic needs and responsibilities. Balance money you are saving for buying assets and for future security.

If you smartly invest this saved money in different investment options where your hard earn money is reasonably secured then it will give you a new source of income. This earning on the invested money is known as “effortless Income” which you can generate without any physical efforts.

To get this effortless income, regular tracking of your investment is very necessary which can help you to track & plan your investments. To track this you need a “Premium Excel Tracker”.

This tracker will keep you updated about your investments and make you a smart investor.

So Just Get the “Premium Excel Tracker” now.