Are we living life to nurture next generation ?

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This is one of the most important question one should ask to self and If we get the right answer then we can find the right way of life.

How was our parent’s way of life ?

Life starts with our infant age which is generally the most delicate period of our life where we are completely unconscious about the things and not able to take care of self. We survived just because of our parents who nurture us with utmost care & love. Their care is just a hard work which is the most difficult thing to do. A mother role just too important to care at that age and same time love, affection & financial support of father is support like water for a plant to survive.

Their hard work take us to our childhood which also an important span of our life where we start learning the things. Again lot of care and attention of father & mother help us to grow and learn faster. This is the time where our parents start thinking about our long way of future and spend to give us good schooling so in long run our growth with be faster in shorter duration. Our parent chooses school based on education, school environment of higher status so our mental growth will be of above their status. Spending hefty money on our growth is just to give base to our life which are going to help to give wings to our way of thinking process.

They are providing us the best stuff like toys, dresses, learning stuffs and best food so our mental level & health will be taken care off at upgraded levels. They are spending big part of their earnings & time to give us the best. As we are growing, expense on us increases. Even they take care of our siblings also with same manner and are nurturing us and managing with the earnings, giving us the best of their abilities.

As we grown up to the age around 10 years, they start thinking to give right way of education to us so we can able to choose right profession in future time. Again that is shelling out lot of their hard earn earning to align out track for future.

Once we reach to level where we choose to get higher education they help us to fund to meet our requirements so we can able to complete ours important part of life which can lead the direction of future . After completion of education they help us to search the employment and taking care of all our expenses till we get settled.

Since our infant age till we get employed, they takes care of all our requirements & requirements of our siblings. They struggled whole life to make us stand on own feet.  As soon as our liability grows they worry and try to earn more as much as possible so they can meet up all our expenses towards our upbringing. They struggle hard to make the thing in our life by their hard work and most precious their time. They take them to all stress levels to give us the best upbringing.

Most of us has seen our parent’s life is more around us. They sacrificed many thing in life just to give as much to us.

This is how most of the parents has grown up their child. If we look into generation before their era even their parents has given them the way of life by sacrificing their wishes. So by in large every generation are following the same way of life by nurturing next generation.

This nurture of next generation is not that easy as it takes lot of sacrifices in life and our parents just not done many things in their life and sacrificed their wishes, dreams to live life they want and missed to live stress free & relaxed life.

How is our way of Life ?

Now the big question is that if we look into your life,

Are we living the same way of life ?


We are going to follow the same way of life ?

Second big question is, can we live life the way we want with nurturing next generation by taking care of all our responsibilities comfortably.

If we find the answer of these both question then definitely we can find the way of our life which will have happiness, working dreams into reality and live life stress free.

So how we can get the right answer ? 

To live up your dream life you need two important things in life one is money and other is time. Many of the people have only one of them.

If you have money and to earn this money you are giving all your precious time then also you cannot enjoy the life as you have no time to live your life the way you want.

If you have enough time but no money then also you cannot live the life the way you want as this present world, to buy anything or to dispose your liabilities you need big money.

So both money & time are equally important to live quality stress-free life.

So what is required to achieve this ?

We know that money and time both are very important so we need to find the way to get both comfortably but before that we need a very important thing in life so we can enjoy money & time both and that is 

  • Motive of life

What is Motive of life ?

This is one of the most important thing to live meaningful life happily. Most of the people do not have any motive in life. They are just followers who follows the trends of society.  People even don’t know why they are here on this planet. As they just born so are living the life.

If someone find out inner voice of heart and try to find out what they want to do in life then their creativity will start working to find the motive of life and most important by working towards your motive one should feel real pleasure & happiness.

After finding the motive one should work to achieve and make into reality. Chasing your motive without follow others way of life will add capacity in you to create the things, think differently and to reach to your motive adventurously. The journey to live meaningful life should be for life not for money.

What will help you to work towards your motive?

You can start working towards you motive while earning money but to completely focus on your motive you need enough money & time. So it important that you should create enough earning source & money so you can enjoy your time and live life stress free. 

Earning source

To keep you on the path of your motive, earning is the prime priority as to sustain in this world you need enough earning source so you can able to live up your life happily. Same time the way of earning money should give time to enjoy the life. Many people are choosing the profession which is their hobby and where they built their dream world by their passion and enjoying every moment of life and also earning enough money.

Earning source can be “Active” or “Passive” or it can be both.

“Active money should come by way of passion and passive money should come stress free”

If we can able to achieve this formula in our life we can able to live life happily.

How to be on right track of life –

To achieving your way of life you need to work hard towards motive where you are confident enough to get success and confident to get happy life.

It is depending upon thought process of particular person as every human being has different thought process which develops from childhood till your young ages while living in your home environment, friend circle, schooling and social environment where you brought up.       

Other aspect is that over a period of time one should have enough effortless earnings so you can focus on your motive stress-free.

A time was there where earning money was difficult but in this internet world you can connect to the world in no time and can make your base of earning which may start paying you after some time. It may take months or years but continuously working on the subject will going to pay off in long way and help to keep you on right track of life.

Your hard work will put you on way of life where you can enjoy your work, time, money & family life with taking care of all your responsibilities with nurturing next generation.

Motive of life will going to help you to enjoy your life with money & time so find your motive first and start working on it. To completely focus on your motive you need to create enough earning sources & time so you can focus completely and live meaningful life while disposing all your responsibilities with nurturing next generation. 

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  • Firstly, highly appreciate your motive behind this creation of your blogger. Hats-off to you, dear Mr Vivek.

    You have clearly brought out many facts. To add to that, in the present generation unlike earlier, people compare and compete with one another for money, power and status. We pretty well know that everyone has his/her own priorities in life with his/her own principles and values. Altogether, their life journeys are different from person to person. If so, then how and why to have this meaningless comparisons and competitions? We have to perforce get out of this rat race.

    Please keep continuing your good work for the noble cause.

    • Thanks, Sreedhar Ji for liking my blogs… truly said. Just to add, we should understand that God has given precious life to us. We should live life with positivity and happiness leaving all these comparisons & competitions.