Long stay vacation at Hill Station homes

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Hill station word itself give us immense pleasure and just having thought of it is giving pleasant feeling of green valleys and mountains.

By any chance are you having any thought to spend one whole month on a “Hill Station” ?

If you never thought of it then any time is the right time to start thinking on this. This long vacation can gives you good relaxing and pleasure full life.

What is the concept of long stay at Hill Station ?

We are spending almost all the life to earn money just to fulfil our regular needs, get our dream house, buying luxury goods, kids upbringing, settlement of kids, saving for retirement and many more things related to fulfil the liabilities. This all we are doing starting from our age around 22 till 60s. Even after also many of us are working till age 70. So if you calculate we are spending almost 38 – 48 years just to earn money, managing goods & liabilities for our needs. These liabilities are part & parcel of routine life which cannot be avoided but taking out reasonable time for self and family can give a new feel to life.

This new way to live life can add up more fun in life and can change the way of living to lead healthy lifestyle. 

Why we cannot take a break for a month in a year where we can live peacefully and can spend time with family without any disturbance. If we get bed tea, breakfast, lunch, dinner without taking any pain served at my place……it is so good and it will be the best gift to your spouse. No work related to home up keeping. No office, No business work, No tension, just to spend time with family and enjoy cool weather.

This will pump fresh breeze in our monotonous life and given peace of mind. Family member can also enjoy.

Concept of long vacation in western countries

In India, concept of long vacation from work is not much popular but in western countries people use to spend a month in a year to adventure places and to enjoy life. They plan the trip in advance and will carry all the belonging for travel like tent, camera, tent light, sleeping bag, travel picnic set and required accessories.

Venture out new place is like fun for them. They enjoy bon-fire, music night, local food, tradition of the place, local destinations and enjoy every moment of long holidays.

Travelling within the country is much easier. If someone has own four-wheeler for highway ride then it is much easy as all the travel accessories can be carried and pain for travelling by public transport can be avoided.    

Are something is stopping you to plan ?

Many constrain are not allowing us to plan such long trip and stopping us to make it happen from our busy routine way of life.

Mind Block – Our mind block is one of the major reason is not allow to go further. Our mind block is strongly stopping us to taking 4-5 week leave from work and this is happening because others are not doing so. Also thinking about costing of trip and other logistic make us reserve on this matter.

If we break this barrier once and do it strongly then next time your will out of this mind-block and can able to live new way of life.    

Leave availability – Getting one month leave from office or business looks like big thing for us. People are more conscious about their growth in their organization or business. Our work alcoholic culture are creating resistance to even think it off. Even young bachelors have resistance to take leave from work for a month to explore the new place and do some adventure in life which can add value & learning in life. 

Trip budget – Budget is also one of the major constrain to have such long trip. But if you search over internet and with your social contact, you will find many good deals. Even many people are proving such kind of long stay homes with all facilities with very nominal price.

Early proper planning can make your trip with in the budget and memorable. Now a days over internet many option are available for such long stay homes. Sometime with friend’s reference we can able to get such long stay homes. That also can be explored by your deep search over internet. Many websites are offering this kind of homes.

Kid education – Kids’ education is also one of the reason which is stopping us to make such trips. Throughout the year kid’s holidays are generally in the month of April & May and also in October month. Best deals on accommodation are most of the time available other than these months. So planning such trip can be made by accommodating kid’s holidays and plan the trip accordingly.

Work Profile – Work profile is also making hurdle while planning such long trip. Many of us are having such profile in service or in business where leaving work and go for long holiday are looks difficult but way can be find out by willingness.

In very extreme circumstances, it can be managed by giving one hour in a day to your work by phone call. This can help you to plan your trip smoothly.

Which type of accommodation required ?

To stay at hill station you need to have a studio accommodation or can hire small 1 BHK flat kind of accommodation where a drawing, a bed room, small kitchen & attached toilets should be with required services like bed tea, breakfast lunch dinner can be available. Accommodation should have any kind of cooking range with cooking utensils so any time the tea coffee and cooking needs can be enjoyed. Outside local food can also be explored to have taste of the traditional local food.

If you can able to get cottage then it the right thing to enjoy at Hill station but It should have all amenities so long stay should be comfortable. As the trip is of 4-5 weeks, one time change of accommodation at different location can also be explored just to have change.

Choose the hill station

In India we get all weathers like winter, summer, rain, snowfall, autumn. You will find best weather at hill station except in rainy season. Cool temperature & greenery will keep our mind fresh and we can enjoy our trip at fullest.

While choosing the hill station it is always advisable not to choose commercial hill stations For example if you are choosing hill station at Tamil Nadu you will find famous Hill station Ooty which is more like commercial place but just 20 KM away Coonoor Hill station which is very good hill station and also not much commercialised. We can live peacefully with nature.

Few hill stations are not much famous but are very good like Panchmarthi in Madhya Pradesh which is a very good hill station. Many other Hill Stations which are not much famous but are very good for long stay.

What to carry  

If you love to travel then travel accessories will make trip more comfortable. For shorter trip you have different requirement and for such long trip you can carry

  • Picnic Master to fill requirement of utensils
  • Bedding having basic thing Blankets & bed sheets.
  • Rucksack
  • Track suite with Jacket
  • Hiking & Jogging shoes
  • Tent
  • Camera
  • Torch  
  • Umbrella
  • Sleeping bag
  • Fishing Rod
  • Play kits
  • Shopping bag

This will make your long stay more enjoyable & handy. Getting things at hill stations have very limited hence keeping such things will help. You can but groceries from local market just to fulfil you cooking hobbies.

Explore your talent & hobbies

This is the right time to explore your talent & hobbies. You can start your day at early morning with cup of tea and continue with yoga, walking & running at hill station.  Your talent like music, writing, photography, outdoor cooking and many more thing can be explored. Enjoy fee time with your family will give immense pleasure and add up fun in your life.

Bon fire with snacks during evening time can give warm cosy feeling with your family members.   

If we want to enjoy life then we need to come out from traditional way of living the life and work out to make it possible to new ways of life which can only add up fun, adventures and enjoyment in life.

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