How Covid -19 pandemic can Impact our Life

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What we are looking from life ?

A peaceful life with comforts, entertainment and enjoyment. Our focus is always to enhance quality of lifestyle and to upgrade we are always running behind money and trying to get things in life which can help us to improve and upgrade our lifestyle.

To live quality life what we need ?

  • Good health
  • Good House
  • Sufficient money sources

We are focusing on these from last so many years and we are living the life with making all best efforts to live happily.

But suddenly an uninvited guest Covid -19 pandemic has come to our planet which is attacking on our foremost important thing “Health” and later it may attack the other important thing “Money”. These both are very essential to live quality life.

How it has started ?

In start of years 2020 we are listening the updates on Covid -19 of other countries and gradually we were realising that it was spreading widely across the continents. We never thought that a day will come that it will ring the doorbell of our country.

We were less worried as the number of effected people are quite low in our country so even that point of time we were taking this as just “news” coming from other countries. But later worries began when we came to know about rapid increment in Covid cases & fatal numbers in other countries.

A day had come once Covid-19 hits our city. Even after we were not even that much worried as the Covid cases in second week of March 2020 was not so terrifying. We have little fear about this pandemic as we have herd that other countries were started struggling to save life of their citizens.

Now slowly it has reach to our area and creating fear among us.

But are we really feared ?

If honestly ask……then not much.

But why ?

This fear was started developing at the time of starting of Lockdown. The government was in action and all intellectuals were on the job to analyse and working on to predict the peak point & end point of Covid -19 pandemic. After all brain storming the conclusions has arrived that the chain of the Covid -19 can be break by doing lockdown across the country. It was also predicted that the Covid -19 chain can be break in 21 days and further the spared of Covid can be almost control by another 20-25 more days which expected to eleminate mid of May 2020.

Based on the predictions the lockdown got extended further till the date of prediction which was mid of May 2020.

As the pandemic is an uninvited guest so it is spreading the way it wants. All prediction got failed and now government bodies are more worried about the economic condition of country rather than the pandemic. The main reason to change of government strategies from pandemic to economic condition is that they are more worried about large number of people who earn their bread & butter on daily basis and due to lockdown they are struggling to sustain the life. To restore back the life in track government has started unlocking the lockdown and the stage has come that most of the things are open across country.

When the lock down was started the Covid cases were not even one thousand and now the cases are in lakhs, this unlocking things looks very strange. The fact is that, to keep tab on economic condition the Government has opened almost everything. It don’t mean that we are out of danger. The danger of Covid 19 is still very much there and increasing day by day.

Then why we are roaming so freely ?

We are very well aware the disastrous behaviour of Covid – 19 and it is taking bad shape every day and it can take worst shape any day any time.

This unlocking things are clear indication to us that now things left to the individuals. Either we can earn bread & butter to sustain life or bring Covid -19 at home. Suggested precautions for Covid -19 are not just full proof, it’s like you are good driver running your vehicle at speed 30 kmph and other person hits you at speed 100 kmph. In any case you will be in trouble. Once you are out from your door step you & your family life are at risk.

So only we have to choose either we earn or stay at home safely.

It’s time to be Human

By knowing the fact how Covid -19 is dangerous, everyone should think more about humanity first rather than thinking for business or organization. The work from home culture can save many life if employers / business owner can understand the severity of Covid -19 pandemic. It will save many life and more over spread of this disease.   

Even an employee can play major role to protect their subordinates by helping then to working from home or come out for essential works only.

So How Covid -19 pandemic can Impact our Life

We are all running behind money, success, power, enjoyment and many more things which is giving happiness but this all will give happiness when we will be healthy and stay safe. So above all, importance of health is essential part of our life. At least one should not get any such major disease.

Other bad part of this Covid -19 pandemic is that it keeps away from your near dear ones it will attack you. This is most discouraging for those who has such disease. It flew away happiness of us and our near n dears.

As Covid -19 case are increasing it will impact the medical infrastructure and further chances of collapse of medical system will impact the treatment of the people which may increase the fatality rate.

We are doing so many things and earning money to live happily but life is more precious to us as it will not be back again. Hence avoid step out of your door until it very essential till the proper medication system is in place. Once you go out, you are bound to get effect of Covid -19, although precautions may reduce the chances of infection but precautions are not the full proof mechanism to restrict Covid -19. 

So it time to realise that living safe is more important than the focus on earning sources. If we are enough capable to sustain the life with available money than our first priority should stay at home safely.

In other words It’s very clear that a time has come when one has to choose between sustain the life to earn money or live safely.       

Our life is more precious than anything so better to say at home safely which only can protect us and our dear ones.

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