Small House Interior Ideas

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Lifestyle is very important part of our life which is helping us to lead life confidently. Many things comes under lifestyle mainly those are like the way we live, the way we dress, the way we present our self, the way we carry our self. This all will help us to be presentable and giving satisfaction to our self. 

A good lifestyle and way of living can improve our personality, our way of thinking and change our pattern of life as we are spending more time in our house. Way of living is defining our thought process and it makes us more comfortable.    

How important is our living style ?

Living is one of the most importance part of our lifestyle. We should feel nice with our living. This starts from our home where we feel most comfortable in the planet. We feel so secure & relaxed at our home. The way we keep our home beautiful it keep us more relaxed & comfortable.

The interior of the house can also give us good feeling & happiness.

How important is interior decoration of the House ?

The interior décor of the house is one of the basic element to keep home environment cool. The concept is to do interior is generally what we understand is placing furniture, artefacts, putting lights etc. but now a days it’s more important that how smartly we utilises the spaces with good looks so most of the home stuff can be safe and hidden and give us beautiful effect.

What make us uncomfortable ?

We all are mostly living in non-air-conditioned apartments or houses where dust is a very big issue. To keep the house dust free we have to take more pain and it keeps us engage in up keeping of belonging. Just to avoid cleaning, the only solution is to hide as many things as possible and keep exposed plain surfaces open so dusting & cleaning can be done easily and affectively.

How important is the space we have ?

A time was there when people are living in big houses lavishly, but now the time is changing, buying house is city is becoming more challenging due to higher prices.  Getting 800-1500 St-ft built up area apartment where hardly available carpet is around 500- 1100 Sq-ft after deducting all super built up & built-up loadings. Now the major challenge is to utilise every inch of space with our requirements which make available space most efficiently utilise and can give comforts.

Importance of Smart Interior designing

As we have very limited area for utilisation so our main motive should be to utilise every inch of spaces which can only possible by smart designing. This smart designing arrangements can plan our requirement very well. The space utilization design is to take care the present & feature requirements both.

Living in beautiful house is almost dream of all of us. It can be possible if we explore the ideas and adopt the smart designing which can take care of space management & beautification.

Space management can be only achieved by smart designing. This can resolve many issues related to cleaning and make larger visibility of your interiors. A storage spaces can be chalked out smartly so maximum utilization of the space can be achieved.

It is also important the interiors should be easy to clean, durable, long lasting and maintenance fee.

See the short video on smart ideas of space management & interiors at end of this blog.

Integral part of the House

Let see the most known part of the house. Mainly any houses consists of few major integral parts which are defining different area based on uses.

  1. Living Room/Drawing Room
  2. Dining Area
  3. Bed Room
  4. Study Room
  5. Kids Room
  6. Kitchen
  7. Toilets
  8. Utility Area
  9. Balcony
  10. Storage space
  11. Garden area

1.  Living Room/ Drawing Room

Living room is also known as drawing room. This will give first impression of the house while entering. Most of us expect the living room size should be large and long which gives grand look to living area.  While designing the living room it should be the first priority that after keeping furniture and doing interior the grand look should remain.

If floor, wall and ceiling interiors designed properly then the beauty of the living room can be enhanced. Generally this is the area where storages space are very less and loose furniture will be more. This area is more for siting and to attend the guests. Beautification is the prime priority while designing and same time little storage space require to accommodate few stuff which is generally use in living room like music systems & related items, few books, TV & entertainment systems etc.       

Lighting is one of the most important element of living room which can completely change the look & feel of the living room. Cove lighting, spot lights, floor lamp, side lamps and chandelier will enhance the lighting effect of the living room.

Three things are very important while designing of the living room one is grand look, second is beauty and third lighting effect.

2.  Dining Area

Dining area generally attached with the kitchen & living room. In modern designing most of the time the dining room comes in living room either in rear side or side areas. This will gives grand look to living room.

Dining area generally requires important storages space for crockery and platform for cooked dish landing area from where dishes can be served. This storage space need designing in such a way so hidden storage, storage with glass can able to display crockery and platform with hard top for hot dishes can be properly placed.

A small wall painting with hanging light on dining table will enhance cosy look of the dining area. Lighting must be enough to see the dishes properly.

3.  Bed Room

Bed room has big significance in house as most of large storage space can be designed in bed rooms only. Here in bed room we get larger space below the bed, inside wardrobes, bed back side units and bed side units. Ample of hidden spaces can accommodate most of the home stuffs and we can enjoy space around us.

Many important places can be designed in bed room like study area, book shelves, vanity area, dressing area, sitting area near window or French window. Varity of useful areas are making bedroom more prominent.

Designing of storage wardrobes are very important which can create many small hidden storage space for small stuffs. A secret area can also be created inside the wardrobe to keep valuable belongings like money, jewelleries, important papers etc.

Here in bedroom, space management is very important as it will accommodate more & more useful stuffs. Designing and space management can beautify the bedroom where we spent more time and we can feel relaxed and satisfied with the simple and rich interior.

Again lighting can add great value in beautification of bedroom. Lighting like spot lights, cove lights, bed side lamp, study lamp, ceiling hanging lighting in sitting space, lights inside the wardrobe, spot light is dressing area and mirror light can enhance beauty of bed room.

TV unit can be placed to enjoy time with relaxed mind. Hidden sound system will give feel good factor and make us more released & comfortable.

Generally in house of 600 -1500 Sq-ft area where we get 1 to 3 bedrooms. Within the available carpet area ample space can be created for all house stuffs. So designing of bedroom has major significance in space management and beautification and this should be the major priority.

4.  Study Room

Now a days we are getting option of 1BHK, 2BHK, 3BHK and in addition to that many apartment & house are coming with 1.5BHK,  2.5 BHK, 3.5 BHK. This 0.5 BHK is generally a small room which can be utilised for study room.

Generally study room size is less than the regular size of bed room. Here again while designing the interior, space management should be the prime priority. Study room can have study desk, storage space for books, book shelve, book display unit, loose furniture, folding bed which can embedded in wall.

Study lamp, hanging light on desk, ceiling spot lights and cove lighting can enhance the beauty of study room and can able to give cool environment for study.

5.  Kids Room

The main requirements of kid’s room are mainly storage for kid’s clothing, books & toys. This room also require a theme of interior which create impression of kid’s rooms. Few features can make Kids room more smarter like kid bed underneath storage with book shelves, big storage drawers etc. Even at bed leg side area, the connecting study table can save more space.

Study room furniture selection should be according to the colour scheme or theme so it will properly blend with other interiors. Ceiling & wall designer painting can give new look to Kid’s room. Generally kid’s room colour should be soft & vibrant. No sharp edge interiors or furniture should be used.

Lighting should be vibrant so the brightness in the room can be properly maintained.     

6. Kitchen

This is the place where smart designing is required. Keeping many small things can take more space so by smart designing it can be accommodated in small compartments, shelves, and overhead storage spaces. It also requires to store grocery item for long duration so accordingly the spaces can be designed to take heavy loads of the items. The large spaces can be designed under the platform so item should be invisible.

Structural column offset space also can be smartly converted into small storage spaces to accommodate more & more small stuffs. Smooth surfaces can help to keep area clean. Organizer treys inside the storage spaces will keep utensils in place.

Cove bright lighting above kitchen platform can create good impact and help to see the cooking activities clearly.

7. Toilets

Cleaning expect should be the main criteria while designing the toilets. Vertical waterproof washable surfaces can help to clean the toilet properly. Proper ventilation is must for the toilets which keep toilet more hygienic and keep germs free. Shower area bifurcation will help toilet to keep in dry condition.

Many toilet accessories & consumables can be accommodated with in the toilet by creating smarter spaces which can be placed on walls or below wash basin as storage space. Selection of sanitary fitting will enhance the beauty of toilet and make it more useful and comfortable.

Broad mirror can make toilet more vibrant and specious. Toilet require warm lighting effect so the look and feel can make comfortable.       

8. Utility Area

This is the most ignored area but very useful for many activities like utensil washing, cloth washing machine, keeping genitor items etc. Even wall mounted storage can also be created but if area is exposed to weather then the storage material should be weatherproof.

This area requited lighting arrangement with bright light so works can be performed smoothly. Power points in this area must be designed properly to take load of home appliances.  

9. Balcony

This area makes us more relaxed and keep connected with nature so keep this area open and should not be utilised for storage space. The balcony interior can be design to beautify the area and arrangement of the furniture should be in such away so space utilisation should be maximum.

As this area is more connected with nature & greenery so this should be on priority while designing. The artificial grass flooring or seasoned wood plank flooring make this area beautiful.

One wall can be utilised for vertical garden which can add greener look to the balcony and same time without occupying floor space it will enhance the beauty of the balcony.  

10. Storage space

We have many stuffs which is not much useful on daily basis but in long run we need those stuffs. To keep such kind of stuffs the large storage can be smartly designed. Loft above toilet, bed back side unit, area above wash basin in dining area can be created for more storage spaces. Even in kitchen, many wall mounted units touching to ceiling can be designed to accommodate more stuffs.

Storage should be designed properly so unwanted useful stuff can be accommodated in hidden storage which keep house look more open & specious.

11. Garden area

If we are lucky to have larger garden area then it can be utilised to keep greenery at fullest. Natural garden with white pebble stone lining can make garden area vibrant and cool. A turf carpet natural grass can be placed to give softer touch of the garden.

The water drainage system should be perfect so the accumulation of water can be avoided in rainy season which can save plantation & make it usable in rainy season.

Loose furniture of cast iron or iron can be placed to enjoy the garden area. Garden lighting can change the whole ambience of the garden area at night time. Small LED plant lighting can also use to beautify the plantation.

Smart way of utilising the space can create more space even in small houses and selection of right interiors & colour will make house beautiful and cosy. This will help us to live up with our expectation & wishes and satisfy our soul deeply. Also good living is helping us to think positive and give confidence to lead life satisfactory with quality.

“See video on smart ideas of space management & Interiors”

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