15 resolutions of new year 2022

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As this New Year 2022 has started, we expect new hopes in life for this upcoming New Year and we are ready to make our life more joyful & cheerful.

The effort should be to live life with fulfillment, joy, health, happiness and quality living by which we can have satisfaction in life with the things happening around us.

Why do we make New Year’s resolutions?

To gear up with new energy in life you need to have New Year resolutions. We all are having few dreams in life and sometimes working towards those, we generally lost our pace & enthusiasm.

To give new life to your dreams you need to pamper yourself by defining new goals for the upcoming year 2022 as New Year resolutions.

Resolution can help us to boost our morale and speed up to fulfill our desire of life. The effort should more on the things which keep us happy and satisfied.

These 15 resolutions may largely help you to travel the way of your journey of life to the destination of happiness for the entire year.  The resolutions are……..

  1. Live life the way you want
  2. Arrange finance
  3. Make Financial goals
  4. Build habit of saving & investing
  5. Built passive income sources
  6. Enrich the way of living
  7. Focus on one hobby
  8. Give time to self
  9. Spare time to do nothing
  10. Make you more positive
  11. Choose the work which keeps you happy.
  12. Plan a long stay holiday
  13. Improve fitness
  14. Improve your mental strength
  15. Take life the way it comes to you

Let’s see and understand in detail……

1. Live life the way you want – Trying to live life the way you want is the best resolution for this upcoming year. The main hurdles are surroundings and circumstances which are not allow us to live the life as per our wishes.

May be we cannot do many things in life but at least we can choose few things which we can do the way we want which keep us happy and give feel of freedom.  

2. Arrange finance – If we want to live life the way we want especially in long run then arranging finance is the first step to start with. In present world having sufficient money can take you out from routine rat race of life and due to this rate race just to get money & power, we forget to live meaningful life.

Even just making target to accumulate money will not work if you will not arrange your finances especially money, investments & assets. Once you know about your money thoroughly then you can regularly plan your investments to get good returns from your invested money other than your regular earnings.

To arrange you finance, you don’t need any software……just a simple Microsoft Excel file works. By simple excel file you can track & monitor your money regularly. Even by which you can plan your future investment strategies.

3. Make Financial goal – To get your desired life, making a financial goal is very important being an earning member. You need to define your target to get the desired corpus at the right age and accordingly you should act.

Once you design your money goals then you can focus to achieve it.

4. Build habit of saving & investing – After building the financial goals you need to focus on saving and investing. Once you have a habit of tracking then building a habit of saving & investing will be very easy. This will help you accomplish your money goals faster.

Doing saving & investment in the right direction can create a new source of income that will be effortless and enhance your money at faster pace as this effortless income and earnings from your regular work both together can enhance your money faster.

This is the way to get freedom in life especially financially.

5. Built passive income sources – This resolution of the year may change the entire way of your upcoming life. Try to add multiple passive income sources which should be sustainable in the long run and able to generate regular or monthly income.

Passive income can pave a path for your freedom and if you can able to intact your focus to increase by adding more n more passive income sources then you can achieve freedom in life easily and at the right age.

6. Enrich the way of living – The money you are earning to have a good lifestyle and good life which should give a more enrich feeling. Add more n more good things in life can enrich your lifestyle.

You can add good hobbies, can dress up well, keep good stuffs, schedule your regular work in such a way so you can have more time for yourself, etc.

This all can help you to enrich your lifestyle and you can able to live a quality life.   

7. Focus on one hobby – At least choose one of your hobbies which you like most and focus on it throughout the year. We spent most of the time on our regular engagement of life and forgot to look something which keeps up more satisfied.

Your hobby may be reading books, writing, cycling, mountain biking, any sport, marathon, fitness like yoga/gym, playing musical instruments, singing, travelling, swimming, gardening, etc.

This will help us to uplift our personality and lifestyle.

8. Give time to self – We have time for everything but not for self. This is happening with most of us. People are busy with their professional life, family life and to build the empire but do not have time for self.

Spending time alone with self gives a positive heeling to your mind. It will largely help you to face challenges in life coolly.

9. Spare time to do nothing – Giving time to self and to do nothing is one of the techniques which help like meditation. Just close your eyes in an alone place at your home or any silent pace and just try not to think on any subject or problems.

This practice will help you to relax your mind and body in the best way.

10. Make you more positive – This resolution is very important which largely helps you to live a happy life. Taking things lightly not pressurizing much to your mind will help you to face problems in life. This will happen when you are positive about things and the people around you.

Many negative thoughts are coming regularly in a day while dealing with the people around but we should not inhale these negativities. Building this habit not to take negativity keeps our mind positive and can help us to focus on the thing which we planned for life.

If you keep away from these negativities then you can focus on the things which you want to do in life. 

So make you more positive by without carrying any negativities.

11. Choose the work which keeps you happy – We most of are set with the profession by which we are earning money and the main reason is that by this earning we are disposing of responsibilities.

If you are unsatisfied with the profession, do start trying things in life where you can be happy and same time can able earn as much so you can to dispose of your responsibilities. 

Trying new things can change the spectrum of life and you may live your desired life.

12. Plan a long stay holiday – Due to the pandemic presently people are avoiding traveling to multiple places.  Better to plan a long stay holiday at one location to have the close feel of the place and avoid more traveling.

Also just to keep away from your routine life. This will help you to keep relaxed and fresh.

13. Improve fitness – If you are living a disciplined life taking healthy food & sleeping at on right time then you can easily keep yourself fit.

Fitness can be achieved by regular walk, yoga. These keep your body movable, fixable and help you to keep fit. This will help you to keep fit if you do it in long run.

14. Improve your mental strength – We all are always fantasized with the word Fitness and always focus on it. But we always ignore a very main thing which is metal strength which is the backbone of your life.

To improve your mental strength is the best resolution of this New Year to follow. Improvement in your mental strength will largely help you to keep doing things with ease without much stressing your mind.  Your happiness is more dependent upon your mental strength & mindset.

15. Take life the way it comes to you – We want that everything should be the way we want but in real life, it is not happening. Although you are making all your best efforts so the things will happen as per your wishes.

Even after making all efforts, things are not happening then better to accept the things whether it is failure or rejection or any things which generally depress the most. You should enjoy what you have.  

So accept the way things are happening in your life. It will help you to re-focus on your goals and keep you motivated and happy.

These all 15 resolutions can enhance your quality of life and largely help you to keep happy & satisfied. Just to give a kick to your goals of life you should make New Year resolutions and religiously follow them to give a new way to your life.

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