How to improve our mental strength?

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We have seen how mental strength is important to lead a good life in the blog “Which is most important Mental Health or Fitness?”

We understood that mental strength is as equally important as fitness. Mental strength will work like our backbone which helps us to face challenges in life with less stress and also largely help us to be happy & satisfied.

How stress is impacting us?

Everyone is facing challenges in daily life that disturb our mind frequently. These instances may be very small or big but these come while dealing with the people or problems in our daily life.

This is impacting our mind and sometimes we are feeling very uncomfortable, depressed with the things or people and due to which we become tense and not feeling comfortable.

Medically due to this, our blood pressure fluctuates which indirectly harms our body. If stress or depression levels are high then it impacts our heart and brain too.  

How to deal with it?

There are two ways to deal with mental stress or depression.

  • By general practices
  • Taking help of Therapies

(A) By general practices

We all are handling these problems in daily life and while dealing, our mind becomes stressed. To come out of these stresses, knowing or unknowingly we are adopting many practices in life just to keep our mind cool.

These practices are giving positive strength to our mind and these we are applying by own mind without any guidance and its works well also. 

These practices are…..

  1. Believe in God
  2. Chanting Mantras/ Bhagans
  3. Believing in Gurus
  4. Consulting with elders
  5. Following  decisions of others
  6. Sharing with friends
  7. Meditation
  8. Yoga

Let’s see how these general practices are working well in our life. We are good at stress management and doing these practices without any guidance or consultation unknowingly.

1. Believe in God – This is the most common practice people are adopting to reduce stress levels. Believing in God silently helps us to reduce the stress level as we have a belief that if no one addresses the problem, only God can resolve it. Believe is reducing our stress levels faster.

This practice works very well in life and gives the strength to face problems with a cool mind. Once you are confident that God is with you then you face the problems in life with full strength. This belief keeps your morale up.

Visiting temple, religious places are also helping to reduce the stress levels.

Many people adopt this practice in daily life and give mental strength to their mind to keep mind cool and stress-free.

2. Chanting Mantras/ Bhagans – This is again the extension of belief in God. Chanting mantras, listening to God Bhagans, prayers are also helping us to keep mind relaxed if we are under stress. Many people are doing this practice and giving positive power to the mind.

These practices divert your mind for long duration and keep your mind stress free. Many people are doing while travelling, sitting alone, in temple, in alone place silently in mind so no one else can listen.

This is one of the unique techniques which helps to give mental strength to our mind and make us more confident.

3. Believing in Gurus – Many people are adopting this practice as whenever they are in some trouble and not able to find the solution then they are sharing problem with their Gurus. Gurus mean a spiritual person or mentor on which a person have faith and share problem with him/her and further follow their suggestions or direction.

In this process of sharing problems, generally we are releasing load of problems from our mind and transferring them to Gurus. By following their guidance we are dealing with the problems with less stress. This belief helps to face problems stress-free. 

This is a technique to release stress of the problems from our mind and many times works well. Once you are free from the stress then you can face the problem more confidently and with less stress.

4. Consulting with elders – many times it happens with us when we are not able to resolve our problems then we consult with an elder on which we trust most having a thought that he/she might guide you in the right direction.

No one is perfect in this world. People can guide you based on their experience. As we trust more on a particular person, we consult and follow the direction suggested.

This is one of the ways to release our tension to find a solution and due to believing in a particular person, we relaxed ourselves from stress.

By believing in a particular person, we actually improve our mental strength to face the problem and release our stress load. 

5. Following decisions of others – This is the most common practice people are adopting in their personal as well as professional life.

As soon as we are feeling stressed, we blindly follow the instructions of others. In professional life we are following instructions of bosses and in personal life, we are following instructions of your close relative on which you are dependent. Most of the females are releasing stress by sharing problem with their husbands and further blinding following instructions of their husbands. This technique will help them to release their stress. 

6. Sharing with friends – Many people are close with one of their friends and sharing & following their suggestions. Again their confidence & belief in the particular person works. While doing this, they actually release the load of their stresses to find the solution. 

Just following the guidance of their friend help to release them from the process to find the solution and make self stress free.

7. Meditation – Most people are giving positive energy to their mind by doing meditation. Meditation is nothing but taking out worries from our mind for some duration. This actually keeps our mind relaxed. 

You need a good focus for meditation and if one can able to achieve focus, meditation works very well.

Although due to daily problems either personal or professional, it works to keep the mind cool and if it can be done on daily basis then you can able to learn face problems with cool mind.

8. Yoga – General understanding of Yoga is that Yoga is a bundle of exercises that help us to keep body our fit. But in real terms, yoga comes from “Yog”. “Yog” means concentration by the mind.

If yoga can be done with concentration then it will help to keep mind cool and same time help to make body organs stronger.

Yoga is the best way to manage your stress if it will be done by real concentration. In the long run, it helps to enhance our mental strength.

We have seen that many practices knowingly or unknowingly we are using regularly in life just to relax and give mental strength to our mind. These practices work in life if you have minor stresses in life.

Once stresses reach higher levels or say it becomes depression then you need to take help of few therapies which are sometimes help you to tackle the higher stress or depression.  

(B) Taking help of Therapies

If stress is more complex or it is severe depression then people are taking the help of other methods which also help us to tackle the stress/ depression well. This will work in severe condition where, by general practices it cannot be resolved. These are like treatments that tackle and very much help to reduce mental stress or desperations.

This practice one should learn religiously. Continuous practice and guidance of professional coach or mentor is very much necessary to perform these therapies in the right way.

These therapies are…..

  1. Healing therapy
  2. Writing good things about self
  3. Consultation with Psychiatrist
  4. Meditation courses conducted by organizations

Let’s understand in detail.

1. Healing therapy – Healing therapy is nothing but Energy healing of our body. It has to be done by a practitioner who is well trained and can teach properly.

This technique is very much helping mainly dealing with complex stresses and depressions. It largely helps us to give mental strength to our mind.

Energy healing is a traditional healing system that restores the balance and flow of energy throughout the body, mind, and soul. This technique works directly with the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of well-being. It is used to treat various medical problems, especially ailments related to mental health.

This has to be learned in the right way and once you learn & practice then it helps us to deal with the problems throughout the life.

2. Writing good things about your problems Many people are doing this practice and it works well to increase their mental strength if it will be done religiously and continuously. This practice is giving all positive signals to our mind and by this technique, we are making our mind more positive.

Just to understand what it is? 

In our general life, we have so many desires & dreams and many times the things are not happening according to our wishes. Also while dealing with people we have lot of negative thoughts about them. To deal with this, you need to create a secrete Notebook or Diary in which regularly you should write the things which you want in your life. You should only write positive things about what you want and you should not write any negative things.

When you are writing, you are actually giving positive signals to your mind. While writing you are writing all the positive things whereas actually your mind is always thinking negative about it. So you are converting all your negative thoughts to positive thoughts about the people or the things.

To better understand, in our schooling time we are not able to remember the answers to the questions and then we are writing in the notebook. By doing this our mind remembers well. So while writing these all signal goes to our mind and make it remember very well.

While doing this practice, you are trying to fill only positive things in your mind which keep your mind positive.

Many people are following this practice and believing & doing this practice is giving power to the mind and help to increase mental strength. Practitioner who is an expert in this therapy can also help us by giving more positive thought to our mind.

3. Consultation with Psychiatrist – This option generally mend to handling more complex stress or depression. The psychiatrist is helping to understand the root cause of the stress and helping patient to come out from the stress.

Sometimes Psychiatrists use medicine so the body can be relaxed including mind. This psychiatrist makes all effort to keep mind in the relaxed condition which is indirectly giving strength to mind.

4. Meditation courses conducted by organizations Many reputed organizations are having their meditation centers where they are conducting meditation courses by which they are teaching how to handle stress and giving positive energy to the mind.

As these courses are a little long in duration of around 10-15 days. It actually cut off us from the world for few days and there one can practice the real core of meditation.

Vipassana Meditation Center “Dhamma” is known for helping to tackle the stress levels of the mind. Learning in this kind of center will help you to handle stress in life comfortably.

In the present materialistic world due to greediness, ego, competition, jealousy, race to get more n more materialistic things, our mind is getting more negative energies and by which our mind becomes stressed and learning to humiliate others which generate negativity in our mind which impact self first then your dear once and later society.

Facing continuous stresses impact our heart & brain which are the most important organs to run our body. Once these main organs get affected then it will lead to complex or sometime fatal diseases.        

It’s completely luck of the person that how much problems/ challenges he or she is facing but if it is there is life you have no way only to face it with strength. If you fail to do so then you need to take help from the therapies.

Any other things that can help ?

Few changes in self behavior can largely help to gain more positive energies and give mental strength to our mind. The way may be anything to keep away stresses from your mind. By adopting few techniques which we can have much control on our mind and it helps us to improve our mental strength in a big way.

Few things very much help us if we follow religiously like ……..

  • Be a good human being
  • Think always for human well-being
  • Should not have hatred feeling for people
  • Be humble.
  • Keep away from greediness, competition, jealousy
  • Be creative, constructive, innovative
  • Be humble and help others
  • Always keep positive thoughts for others
  • Keep happy with the things you have
  • Face problems with a cool mind
  • Do not run behind much for materialistic things

Your positive approach towards life and your goodness, humbleness, positive for people & things around will help you to give mental strength to your mind. Once you can able to achieve this, you can become a more happy & satisfied person which is very necessary to lead a quality life.

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  • Well explained sir, everyone is facing this problem if we could deal like what you explained. We can improve our mental strength, very useful. After a long time I read it, felt very happy.

    Thank you sir.