20 Assets that make you financially & Stress Free – Part 2

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In previous blog “20 Assets that make you financially & Stress-Free – Part 1” we have seen how External Assets help us to become financially free. To get External Assets you need money.

Now let’s understand about Internal Assets which largely help you to become financially free and mainly to live happy & stress free life. To get Internal Assets you don’t need money. 

Just to summarize………

Our main priorities in life are to live a stress-free, relaxing & enjoyable life. To get that we are running behind money and even after getting money still we are not satisfied and further running to have more and more money.

It is happening as we are accumulate more n more money by external assets which are giving a money which we can able showcase in society. But one other part of life is the Internal Assets which keep you internally satisfied and largely help you to keep happy and to live real quality life.

To get External Assets you need money but to get Internal Assets you don’t need money.

Internal Assets

  1. Time
  2. Mindset
  3. Knowledge
  4. Skill
  5. Passion
  6. Family & Friends
  7. Physical Health
  8. Mental Health
  9. Resourcefulness
  10. Forgiveness

1. Time – Time is one of the most important assets which no one can able to retain. Every day your time is running and adding to your age. Once it’s lost, cannot be recovered. One should utilize this asset “Time” in the best way to keep happy.

Utilization of time in the right way will give you fulfillment in life. Most of the people are thinking that utilization of time means earning money from every minute of your time but it’s not true. One should spend time on himself other than earning money, disposing of liabilities & responsibilities, etc.

Everyone has some thoughts, about what he/she wanted to do in life but because of other engagements generally forget to focus on these. Due to which life becomes monotonous just because of daily hectic schedule of routine life. In a longer duration, it depresses you and at one point in time you are thinking there is no hope in life and life will going to continue like this.

To come out of this thought, one should spare and utilize time for self. Engaging time in self gives you satisfaction in life and largely helps you to be happy and live a quality life.

This utilization of time for self is the most important asset which help you to keep happy in long run.

2. Mindset – Mindset makes a large difference to make your life happy. Your thinking towards anything in life will create positivity or negativity in life which will impact your mind and make you stable or unstable. Now it is up to us whether we want a stable mind or an unstable mind.

With a stable mind, we can plan life in the right direction which keeps you more happy and satisfied. Once you are filled with positivity then you can focus on the things which you want to implement in your life for your battement.

Most of the time our mind is engaged with negative thoughts due to daily happenings of life but one should not carry these negative thoughts for long, this will largely help you to keep your mind more stable.

“Our life is just about our mindset”.

Take the best example, many people are thinking that they are rich and many are thinking they are not rich. To get this conclusion they have to compare with someone.

A person is having Rs 10 Lakhs feels rich but a person is having Rs 100 crore feels that he is not rich.

A first person is a street beggar who is not able to earn even Rs 100 a day and suddenly he got Rs 10 lakhs for him it’s a treasure and he is feeling super-rich.

A second person is a very big industrialist, their all friend are having worth more than Rs 1000+ crore and he is feeling that in his circle he is not that rich.

So it is just a mindset, how you are positive about things. The second person was not that rich but due to his effort and creative mind, he becomes owner of Rs 100 Carore wealth & money but still he is not happy just because of his mind-set.

So if you are positive about things in life then this mindset will largely keep you happy and satisfied.

3. Knowledge – Knowledge gives confidence to you. As much you learn about new things you will be more confident in life. Your knowledge is in any field will give you a new horizon to your thought process and this will help you to become more creative and experimental.

Knowledge also helps you to establish your respect in society for which most of the people are struggling to get. With your knowledge, you can resolve many problems of your life and it can be useful for human wellbeing also.

So enhancing knowledge and learning more and more positive things will help you feel good and happy.

4. Skill – Everyone has some interest in a different profession/consulting and by their education, learning and experience, the skill becomes more thorough. Once it’s become through in particular skill, you will get few things in life easily like money, respect, etc.

This will also give fulfillment in life once you become an expert in any skill.     

5. Passion – Passion can give you a way of life. If you are passionate about your life, work, hobby then your life will be more happening and energetic.  Many people are living life without passion and due to which they don’t find any charm in life. For them, life is just a routine.

Your passion will help you to focus on your dreams which can give you fulfillment in life and is very much necessary to live a meaningful life.

6. Family & Friends – Society plays a vital role in our life to keep us engaged with happenings which makes your life more vibrant and cheerful if you have good people around you.

Family & Friends are the closest people around you which will help you to enhance your happiness. Although, many people feel the pain to have society & friends. Even many are choosing based on their status & lifestyle and missing the real family & friend around them. Showing off the things are keeping away good family friends from you.

Real cohesiveness is very important in any relationship which generally missing now a day. People are connected just because of their vested interests.  To make a good relation, you have to invest your time to keep relations with your near & dear ones with your honest heart. 

If you have good family & friends around you then you have a very good asset that is your family & friends which will give you happiness and the same time they stand beside you when you are in mental & physical trouble.   

7. Physical Health – Your health plays a very important role in your life as this will give you energy to accomplish the tasks in your life and to save from diseases. Physical health gives you the confidence to live life strongly.

Generally, our understating about health is a slim body structure but physical health means your body is having good health and you should not have any disease.  At a young age it is very difficult to check but as you become older say after your age 50+ where you actually feel whether you are really healthy.

Fitness & body shape are components of good health but good health is not only keeping fit or slim, it is more important from inside your body should be healthy.

Health is one of the most important assets by which you can live life stress-free.

8. Mental Health – Even if you have good physical health but mentally you should be healthy. The present lifestyle makes our life more stressful and due to which our mind never remains cool which indirectly affecting our mental health.

If you see people are taking their mind to all stress levels to get the desirable things in life. Even they got those things in life but at the cost of deteriorated mental health which indirectly impacted their physical health.  That is why nowadays people are having all luxury with a different type of diseases which is reducing the shell life of the human.

9. Resourcefulness – The art of doing miracles with available resources is known as resourcefulness. If you know how to become successful in life with available resources then you have one of the best assets as resourcefulness.

Many times you wanted to do something in life but you do not have resources like money, contacts, deep knowledge and other things by which you can reach to your goals but if by your mind you are making things possible in available resources then this art will be like treasure.

10. Forgiveness – To make balance in your life you need to learn the art of forgiveness. Your hated feelings towards anything will badly impact your mind and not allow you to live a normal mentally peaceful life.

This hatred feeling is very common in many people and due to which their mind is completely occupied with hatred feeling for other people it may be family, friends, collogues or people living in society around you.

You cannot get society the way you want but if you take things lightly and do not keep hatred feeling for long and if you have learned the art of forgiveness then you can live your life peacefully.

If you have asset forgiveness then you can do many things in life with a positive attitude and live a happy life.

We have seen 10 External Assets & 10 Internal Assets. To get External Assets you need money and to get Internal Assets you don’t need money.

External assets are very much helping you to get Financial Freedom in life and by Internal Assets, you can get money, financial freedom, happiness & a satisfied life.

So both Internal & External assets are very important to live a quality Life

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