How can I find my passion?

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Living a boring life without passion has become the lifestyle of many people. It is happening just because of liabilities which keeps our mind busy and does not allow us to think about what our passion is?

Our way of living is squeezing enthusiasm in our life and not allowing to work to find our passion. Struggle to manage the liabilities, getting into the rat race for facial things are spoiling our way of life and not allowing us to think out of the box.  

What is Passion?

In a real sense, passion means you are crazy about the thing which you love to do most and while doing you feel so happy.

Once you talk about passion, we generally connect passion to earn money, getting a higher position, becoming famous, etc…….but in a real sense passion is different if we are talking about the way of life.

Passion is your creativity in you which you do not know and once you know then you will run behind your passion and it will help you to travel the journey of life happily.

It will fill thrill, energy in your life once you have passion and will help you to do something good in life.

What passion gives us?

This Passion is the essence of life without this our life becomes more like routine and you miss enjoying happy moments in life. This passion   

  • keep us happy
  • keep energy level up
  • Waking up in the morning and telling to run behind.
  • Give way to life
  • Make more enthusiastic.

These all can give you fresh breath in your life. While disposing of your liabilities you can pursue your passion and once you are satisfied & happy, you can create a happy environment that keeps your dear ones also happy. This will gives you a new outlook on your life.

So how do I find my passion?

Are we thinking anytime why we do not know what we want to do in life other than money or getting a position or becoming famous?

We are completely influenced with surrounding and the things happened in past and happening in present in our society around. So we generally try to connect ourselves with these things and are not able to find our own passion.

To find your own passion, you need to assume if you have enough money, position, fame then what will you do which keeps you more happy & satisfied?

This way of thinking will help you to find your passion. Your passion may be travelling, photography, writing, reading, playing games, doing adventurous things, spreading good things for the society, helping the society, consultation which helps people, creating something, invention, exploration, socializing, knowledge sharing, public speaking, research or anything which you want to do in life and you should have confidence that you will have a great passion for it.

How do you find this passion?

Once you identify the passion then try to do it and see….are you feeling happy with it? Don’t judge just by success to do the things, generally, if we fail we get little nervous but if we get up again and going further with interest then it means the passion is waking you up and telling you to do the things.

It is time taking process but once you find your passion then the journey to work with your passion will give you inner satisfaction, happiness and a real pleasure.

Passion should for the longer run      

Your passion should be such which will continue for longer and will help you to learn more about it. Your innovative thinking for your passion will give new life to your passion and regularly you need to work on it to maintain your passion. This will keep your momentum up.

Do you need to do hard work?

Generally, once we are doing any work with interest then you will not able to identify how much time you have given and how much hard work you have done. You are so busy to do your passionate work and will not feel tired from your work.

Life is to enjoy not for doing hard work or light work. If you are doing thing with passion then hard work become lighter.

What more is required with passion?

We most of us are accustomed to regular time bond work where you have restriction to work for minimum fix hours or time and this is how sometimes these restrictions are helping you to do the works. But while working for passion, you should learn the skill of self-motivation which will helps a lot to keep your momentum up. This self-motivation is very necessary to go along with your passion and will keep you happy with the things you are doing. 

Your passion makes you energetic & enthusiastic

Life cannot become stagnant, it has to be move on and if it is moving with passion then it will give you fresh energy & enthusiasm to achieve it. Sometimes it will act like self-motivation. This self-motivation will not allow you to sit and will help you to continually work for your passion.

Can Exploration & Seeking help?

While working on your passion, you need to explore new & innovative things in life and this will happen when you enhance your seeking power. This will help you to find the new things in your life and makes your life journey more enjoy full.

Can Passion give you freedom in life?

If you are working on your passion for a long and sometimes it will give you an effortless income source also.

Take an example one of a person who is good at public speaking. He is also good to convince people and his passion is to console people & help them to resolve their personal problems. Many people have started taking help for him to reinstate the breaking relationship. This person is successfully able to reinstate many broken relationships. More and more people are approaching him for such kind of help and this person is easily solving the problems and reinstating even bad relationships. Many people have paid a good amount of money to this gentleman as a goodwill gesture as the help he has provided cannot be filled with any materialistic assets.

So sometimes your work will help you to own your liabilities and help you to live life with satisfaction and happiness.

To live a meaningful, satisfactory and happy life you should have good passion in life which creates a motive for you and you can lead a quality life while disposing of your regular liabilities. Find out your passion and give time to grow your passion so later it will give you a good life with happiness. 

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