Motivation is very important in life

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We want to do many things in life but somehow due to the engagement of regular busy schedules, we are not able to focus on the thing which we like to do most.

We are generally exhausted mentally rather than physically. To keep mental level strong, one should have a strong motivation in life. This motivation helps to boost up our speed to achieve the things we want to do.

Why our most of the planning fails?

We make so many plans in life like getting up early in the morning, maintaining fitness, diet control, focusing to achieve our dreams, doing something else and many more things but very few people can able to continue chasing their plans/ dreams in life. The people who can able to follow their plans, motivation only helps to makes their dreams achievable.

If it is not happening we need to see where we are lacking and what kind of motivation we need so we can continually chase our targets.

Generally during the journey to accomplish any task in life, sometimes we succeed and sometimes we fail. It is very necessary, at the time of failures we need a good motivation by which we can again stand up and can run behind the task. These short-term failures make us a little depressed and to come out from these depressions we need a stronger motivational force that takes us out from these depressions.

Where do we get the Motivation?

If you really see, before starting any task, a motivation helps to plan our task and pushing us to do it. But by getting failure, we generally forget that by which motivation we have planned and further started the task. If that motivation by which we are starting the task is weak then we generally fail or leaving the task at a very early stage or leaving in a mid. If our initial point of motivation is stronger then we can run behind our task firmly.

What are the factors which make your motivation weak?

Many factors majorly affect our motivation and make us depressed. During this depression time, many leave their task in mid-way. Few are the major factors that affect motivation badly.

  • Failure
  • Lack of Self-motivation
  • Surrounding
  • Low energy
  • Not much keen to accomplish the task

Let’s see one by one, how it is affecting.

Failure – Sometimes, even after strong motivation, due to continuous failures or after many efforts we generally started giving up. It is very necessary we should get little success regularly while accomplishing our task. If not getting success at all then your motivation towards your task must be very stronger which keeps your momentum up.

Lack of Self-motivation – While making any goals in life we are generally influenced by someone or something. This external motivational force by which we are always chasing our task, sometimes weakens during course of time but if you do not have self-motivation then the chances of failure become very high. Self-motivation acts like an additional power to your motivation which keeps you running and very much helping to accomplish your task.

Surrounding – Sometimes your surroundings discourage you very badly and always pushing back while doing your task. Many people discourage you by giving examples of failure faced by others and just try to discourage you. This creation of imaginary surrounding push you back and divert your mind from your task. 

Low Energy – If you are lazy then also accomplishing tasks becomes very difficult. Good energy helps a lot to accomplish your tasks easily. Even having stronger motivation also sometimes not helps due to this laziness and impact negatively while achieveing the goals.

Advantages of stronger motivation

Strong motivations very much help us to chase our goals in life. It’s like a booster dose which helps a lot to finish our goals ever after facing many hurdles or failures. The  strong motivations

  • Keeps your focus intact
  • Keeps enhance your energy
  • Keeps increase your commitment
  • Keeps helping you to manage your time efficiently.
  • Keeps revive from any depressions

Keeps your focus intact – While the journey to achieve your goal in life, your focus towards your goal is very necessary and if you have a strong motivation then your focus will be intact and this makes you run towards your goal. Many hurdles and failures divert your mind and try to discourage you but a strong motivation helps you to focus on your goal which can only help to accomplish the task.

Keeps enhance your energy – Motivation pumps energy in you which helps you to do your task in a faster mode. During achieving your task you get tired but motivation will not allow you to sit on it and every time pushes you ahead with new energy. To accomplish any task you need good energy which will keep your mind fresh and give you new ideas to resolve the problem while achieving your task.

Keeps increase your commitment – Determination & commitment come if you have a stronger motivation for any goal in life. Commitment makes you a more responsible individual and grooms your personality well.

Keeps helping you to manage your time efficiently – Once you have energy, focus, commitment then you can create a good time to work on your goal. Motivation makes you more prompt and active. 

Keeps revive from any depression – Sometimes due to regular failures we are generally giving up and getting depressed very quickly. Strong & regular motivation help us to come out of any depressions. It diverts your mind again towards your goal. Motivation acts like a reviving agent and keeps your focus intact.

From where do we get this Motivation?

Behind any task in life, we have some motivation that gives clearance to go ahead and tell you to start your task/ goal. This motivational force most of the time is external. As a human it influences us very quickly and if we are making perception that if some other person can do then why not we? Our curiosity and liking by which we generally co-relate to others.

Another aspect is that we have some inherent nature by which we generally inspiring towards particular things and start following. It also depends upon your liking and your thinking about life.

Most people motivate by others and confine their horizon. But if your motivation is from the things or inner then your horizon becomes very large and you can do anything in life.     

Nurture the motivation

To fulfill your dream or to accomplish any task you need motivation and more important that at regular intervals motivation has to be nurtured. This nurture of motivation will keep your hope & seeking power alive which largely helps to reach your target.

So at regular interval the motivation need to be nurtured. We are very much aware that to accomplish any goals in life we need a strong motivation and so make a strong motivation before starting any major thing in your life so possibility of success will be very higher.

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