Freedom Starts from our Mind

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Many of us want to have “Freedom” in life but due to liabilities & commitments, they are not able to live life freely. This Freedom word looks more unreachable in life and most of us not even trying for freedom in life. They are just living life as it takes them. This attitude towards life, sometimes gives continuous struggle in life and till the end of the life we are living to fulfil the requirement of our near and dear only.

What is Freedom?

“Freedom in life means what you wanted to do in life, you can able to do”.

And to have this you need three things

  • Time
  • Money
  • Passion

If you have these three things, your way of life will change and you can live your life with freedom. Most of us are not having these three things or in other words, we are running behind these things our entire life.

What is our present way of life?

Most of us are having dreams related to money only. Our general perception of money is quite different. We are thinking that money can only give us things in life so we are running behind money our whole life.

But it’s not true.

The reality is that we run behind the things which we like most or we do not have.

Most of us are not able to get desirable money & assets in entire life because of this, running behind the money becomes prime motive nowadays. It is true that money has very much significance in life but other than money there is life, one has to explore.

This exploring of life comes with time and regular earnings. If we regularly chase, one fine day will come in life when we can live freely and can do something for ourself also.

Freedom starts from our mind

Our mind set plays a vital role to decide a way of life and if our mind set is in right direction then we can live life freely. It takes a lot of effort, hard work and most importantly your mind which defines your path to achieve your desired goals which will help to lead a life with freedom.

If you see, after education most of the people prefer to go for a job or a business and that time many of are struggling to get the job or earning from the business. The circumstances are stopping them to do many things which they want to do in life. Many of them choose their passion as a profession and it becomes earning source also and many of them are very much successful in life and doing well.

Earning from passion gives you a life where you enjoy every bit of moment and at the same time that is giving you good earnings and also give life with freedom. Initial days many are working hard to achieve the things in life. The journey to achieving the goal is giving them pleasure & enthusiasm as they are working with their likable passion.

What to explore?

We should explore life and enjoy every moment in life while even earning the money. If we choose a profession or work which gives regular income and same time likable too then life will be more enjoyable. The learning and earning both will make you more knowledgeable & mature which will help to live life satisfactorily and happily. 

As in present time money has their significance which cannot be avoided so if we wisely think then we need to accomplish the goal of such things in life which is very much essential for life like money and after achieving, further we can do the things which we like most. Now we need to ensure that the essential things can be achieved at such age so from that age onwards we can enjoy life freely.

You should start early

If you focus to achieve freedom in life an early age say 20-25 years then by Age 40-45, the probabilities to achieving it are much easier and this is the right age to achieve it. Very important that going forward there should not be any greed for money.

In this new era many young people have achieved enough money at age below 25 of maximum 30 years and now working for their passion. They are still doing hard work to get their passion in shape and enjoying every moment of life.

If you have not started early

Even if you have not started early due to maybe your responsibilities or commitments or unawareness but still you can achieve it. You need to think out of the box to accomplish your goals to achieve desirable money with your mind and your long way thinking of your future life also.  You need to come out of traditional ways of earning and find out talent in you which can generate the money without or with less investment.

Many people have started thinking at age 45 and due to their long experience & knowledge they have created money earning sources which have given them enough money and further giving passive income which is generating money for them and they are enjoying the life as per their wishes. 

Put your mind on the job to find freedom for you

Just running behind money whole life forgetting what we can do for self which gives us satisfaction and happiness is not a good idea. One should explore their inner qualities & voices.

Your passion for life should be sustainable, realistic and gives you a desirable future.

Why not start thinking about what we want to do in life other than money. Many people are not able to accumulate sufficient money at age 40-45 even after they have created their expertise which has now become their passion and giving source of income. This is giving them desired income and at the same time enjoy the time in life.

So put your mind on the job to find talent in you which can give you a satisfactory life and same time regular income source also.

If you had regular income sources for long

Those are lucky who have a good job or higher paid job which are giving regular & reasonable earing since long. For them achieving freedom in life is easier. If they are serious to live life with freedom then for them achieve a sufficient money goal is much easier just because of their regular and good earnings. Their wise saving and investing habits will help them to achieve their financial goal in life.

We need to understand that freedom doesn’t mean that we should stop earning money. Freedom means you are living life the way you want without worrying about money. Many of the people have left their job/ business and doing work of their passion which is giving much higher earning compare to their previous jobs/ businesses.

Only your way of thinking with your creative mind can change your entire way of life. It is up to us what we chose?……A traditional life or A life with freedom.   

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