What should be the way to get success & money which will help us to lead quality life?

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Everyone is working hard to get success & money in life so the life can be lived with all comforts & luxury. People are adopting many ways to earn money like business, Job, farming, trading, export, online, education, consulting and so many other ways to earn money. If we see, a larger population is working hard or precisely can say they are struggling hard to earn money. Even after this hard struggle, a large part of the population is struggling to get basic things that are necessary to sustain life.

Everyone is running behind to earn a large amount of money but very few are succeeding to create large wealth if we compare with the whole population.

Also this struggling way of earning money is snatching happiness from our life. Very few are lucky those are enjoying a very good luxury & quality life with all comforts and happiness.

Why our life is so struggling?

In this present world having money is very important to buy comforts, luxury, social security and many more things.

But why we need these all?

If you ask from self then you will find that all these you need Just to have a quality life and our understanding is that if we have money then we will get quality life easily. By in large answer looks satisfactory but not exactly true.

But by earning money we can get a quality life ?

So many people are earning money by doing hard work with more working hours & days. They are getting money but due to struggled way to earn money they are not able to live quality life. They always think that after getting this they will start living good life but they are not able to come out from outfall and life ends with struggle.

Even though having regular handsome income they are struggling every day to sustain the same status.

What about large population?

Do you think large part of the population will get that handsome money so they can able to live quality life with all comforts? And If they get also with all struggle throughout the life then they have missed to live quality life although they earned sufficient money.

Then who are living Quality Life?

To understand better first we should understand who is having good quality of life. If we find out the countries or continents, you will find The United States of America, Canada, European countries, Japan, China, United Arab Emirates, Singapore are the main continents or countries those are rich in terms of economy as well as advancement & comforts.

But country richness should be assessed not because of their economic condition, it should be assessed by quality of living of their citizens.

 Just to understand this phrase better we can compare life of the people in three countries i.e   China, The United States of America & United Arab Emirates.

Let’s analyzed the economic condition and living quality in these countries.

China is having 2nd rank in GDP in the world and they are more into manufacturing. If you see the life of the citizens of china is very much struggling and they do not have much freedom. They are working around 12 hours in a day and their life is like a machine. The large population is living mechanical life. Their life quality is not that good although they are the second largest economy in the world.

United States of America has 1st rank in GDP in the whole world. They are more into technology. They are indirectly into manufacturing as most of the products they are inventing but manufacturing in other countries like China, Korea etc. The life of citizens of The United States of America is very good. Their large population’s living standard is by enlarge very good and large part of the population is leading a very comfortable life.

United Arab Emirates is having 30th rank in GDP in the world. Their main earning source is Oil, Real State & Tourism. The life of citizens of United Arab Emirates is extremely good. Almost all the citizen are having luxury life beyond imagination.

If you see the life in all these three continents, you will observe that the life of the citizens of United Arab Emirates is the best and second best life is of citizens of The United State of America. Although China has second largest economy but their citizen’s life is more struggling. It means earning money is not important, it is more important the way of earning which gives you quality living not struggling life.

Why in these continents the life of their citizens are so comfortable?

If you see the way of earning of all these three continents, life of the citizens is comfortable due to either they have treasure like oil, tourism or unbeatable technology like Hi-tech arms, fighter Jets, electronic technology, software, social media platforms, medical technology etc where the cost of manufacturing is very less as compare to sell price. Just take an example of Apple phone which is costing around forty thousand rupees to one lakh rupees but what is the cost of plastic used in apple phone, hardly anything as compare to sell price. Similarly, the war equipment like jets, missile technology etc. where manufacturing cost if few Crores but selling prices is few thousand crores. Many such technologies they are having and further inventing new technologies every day which is un-beatable and not available around the globe.

Their profits are very high and they are distributing profits to their workforce that is why in less effort their citizens are earning much more and they can effort to buy all luxuries in life and can able to lead comfortable & relaxed life.

Whereas in China due to the manufacturing industry, their profits are very narrow and just due to bulk manufacturing they are getting profits. But they are working very hard to create large production for which they are working 12+ hours. Because of this, their citizen’s life is very struggling.

What is the conclusion of these comparisons?

The countries that are mainly into manufacturing or in the service sector, their citizens are leading struggling life. Those country are having any treasure or unbeatable technology, their citizens are living a comfortable and quality life.

So mainly if we have an idea or technology which has good value in an around then large amount of money can be earned with fewer efforts which can only give comfortable life.

Just take another example, a person is selling healthy foods, his margins are very limited but if the same person will sell the healthy food which can help to reduce the body weight in a very shorter time with assurance then he will sell their product with their technology to reduce the weight and can demand a good amount of money by selling products which are not much costly as compare to technology he is selling to reduce the body weight.  So your idea or technology will give you large amount of money with less efforts. This same is applicable to continents, countries, organizations and individuals.                    

So the creation of an idea which is useful or in demand or may give large profit of margins can only give large amount of money with very less efforts. Earning by mind will help us to lead a quality life where we can able to earn money without any struggle and with little hard work. 

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