What do we want from life ?

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Let’s start this topic with few basic questions which are related to our way of thinking about life. If we answer these questions honestly then probably we can get the right way of life.

And these questions are…….

  • Why we need higher education ?
  • Why we want good earning source ?
  • Why we need family & kids ?
  • What do we want to do in life ?
  • For what God has given this life ?

And at last……..

  • Are we happy with the present way of life ?

These few questions are very important to better understand self and if we really got the honest answers to these questions then probably we can better understand our thinking about life. Also, it will help to get the answer to two important questions which can give the right direction to our life.

And those are…….

  • What do we want from life ?
  • What should be the way of life ?

Let’s start with the basic thing which everyone want and that is “Respect” in society, In other word “Parsing words from others mouth”

And that is why we are chasing behind the numbers to get the first rank in class, then in school, then in college, then in competitions, then in business/job, then among relatives, then among society where we are living in, then so on……..this list is never ending.

Even chasing these all and further after getting all these, are still people thinking that they have reached on top and are they really happy after getting all?

If we closely look into their life who are so called successful people, we will find their life is more complicated than other’s life and their real happiness level is very much low and more they are showing off. 

By knowing this fact, this chase to get on top has become journey for the life of most of the people. 

Our society, parents, teachers, professors, bosses, people from where we are getting inspirations, all are showing the direction to become on the “top”.

Is anyone is showing the direction of the way of life by which we can able to live peacefully, with cohesiveness, stress-free with the happy living?

Now let’s talk about the question which we have to ask from self 

1. Why we need higher education ?

If we look into our education pattern, we find that till 10th class, we are studying almost all the subject which are giving overall knowledge. These subjects like Hindi, English, regional language, Maths, Natural Science ( Physics, Chemistry, Biology ), Social Science ( History, geography, Civics ) are very useful in general life. These subjects are really useful and will help in life till the end. 

In the present education system, after completing 10th Class one have to choose the ways……. like if want to become a doctor then has to choose biology/Zoology, maths to become engineer, commerce to become economist, arts to get into other fields.

Further graduation again refines the line of education we want to continue which will further allow participating in a different stream of competitive exams which will allow to do further higher studies or to go in job/profession.

Although even after getting higher education, there is no guarantee of success or to live happy life but still we are spending more time to get higher education in life to reach at “Top”. Many of the people are studying till age 30-35 which is almost half of our life span. If we are taking higher education for our passion then it is completely fine but just to reach on “top”, then it is not good.

If we closely observe, after 10th class is the right roundabout from there we can choose the way of life. While deciding the way, one should be very careful as after going long way on that path sometimes it will be difficult to change the direction of the professional stream. At this point of time by reaching at 10th standard, one should understand the passion in self, based on which the right path of professional life can be chosen. This time our parent’s & teacher’s role are very important but unfortunately, they are giving direction based on the list of people which are so called successful people.

Even parents & teachers are not enough capable or knowledgeable to understand child talent & passion and can help him/ her to choose the right path of professional life which will be going to help in future to keep them satisfied. 

There is a big requirement of counselling for parents & teachers so, before three years to reaching 10th class, both can guide kids to choose the direction of education which can create motive of life and accordingly choose the right path of education which can give the way of life with happiness.

So we need to understand that education should be like which will help to go along with passion which can only keep us satisfied & happy.

2. Why we want a good earning Source?

After completion of a long span of education, now without understanding people are going ahead of the flow to choose the profession. At the initial level of education especially after 10th class, while choosing further education our basic priority generally is….. in which profession we will get higher earning source and growth. 

In the present world, money has created his importance significantly and while choosing many things like education, profession, life partner, friends, etc., we are giving importance to money.

Just to get comforts or to showing-off, everybody is running behind money and earning money is become prime priority in life. 

“Why not we should work in such a way so that our level of satisfaction will grow and once the level of satisfaction grows, the importance of money will decrease in our life”.

The importance of money cannot be illuminated completely as to run daily life & to dispose of our liabilities we need money. 

It is also the fact that just have more & more money, we are chasing earning sources and our focus is to have as much money but there should be end to it. This end to chase money will happen once we have enough money or passive income sources so without chasing money we can able to dispose of all the liabilities and can able to enjoy life with effortless income. This is why to start with good peaceful & happy life, financial freedom is necessary which can make our life easy, comfortable, stress-free & peaceful. And more important after getting it one should think to live life for self not for money nor for liabilities. Once we free to earn money we can focus to live life & work towards the motive of life.

Why we need family & kids ?

Every men or women want to marry in life, having kids, want to do kid’s upbringing, Kids marriage, etc. 

But why? 

Why we cannot live alone without marrying, can enjoy life without major liabilities? Achieving financial freedom, travel the world, living life the way we want can be easily achievable if we can live without marriage & related further liabilities in life.

But every man or woman wants to marry in life because everyone wants to become “Complete”. 

We need a spouse, kids, kid’s upbringing & marriage, etc. that is to engage the life, to have relations which keep our life busy and joyful. By having one relation of marriage, we are connecting to many relations like wife/ husband, kids, in-laws…..etc. and many more will add to life in course of time.

That is the main reason, people are getting into marriage affair even knowing all plus & minus of married life.  

3. What we want to do in life?

This is the most important question which most of us do not know. We are just living life without any motive. We are flowing with time as the way it is taking to us. 

If we closely observe the human life, there are four major span of life

  • First span of life : age 0 – 21 years
  • Second span of life : age 21 – 45 years
  • Third span of life : age 45 – 60 years
  • Fourth span of life : age 60 years and above

In childhood, we are running behind education which keeps us almost tense. Then after education running behind the way of earning and then running behind responsibilities of family and then running behind how to sustain after retirement. The journey of life is running with these engagements. 

First span of life ( age 0- 21 years ) – Since childhood till adulthood, most of the decisions of life are taken by our parents. We do not have much control over this span of life and at the same time, we have to do hard work for studies as guided by teachers & parents. 

Second span of life ( age 21 – 45 years ) – If we see there is not much control on life till basic education gets over, say somewhere till age of 21. After which we are free to choose the way of life. This is one of the turning point from where we can take our life to the way where we can enjoy the life at fullest with maximum of happenings and engagements. 

Yes is true that from age 21 till 45 ( around 24 ) of life span is a very important span of life as in this life span we are exploring many things like finding profession, enjoy bachelorhood, finding life partner, marriage, having kids, upbringing of children’s, making home, creating comforts, making position in society etc. This span of life is the best span of life and this should be more enjoy full & stress free. For this span of life what we need are passion, motive, money, security and good health. If we have all these then life will be more enjoyable and easy going. To get this all we should make all efforts and focus to achieve it. 

Third span of life ( age 45-60 years ) – Other very important life span is from age 45 to 60 years ( around 15 years ) which is third life span is as equally important as the second life span. In this life span, we can live more peacefully by completing most of the liabilities & responsibilities. If we have created strong foundation of passion, motive, money, security & good health in second life span of life then this span of life will become more enjoy full & relaxed. If someone fails to create these in second life span then, third span of life is become struggling. But largely it has been observed that in second span of life, most of the people are busy to disposing of responsibilities and before staring of third span of life they start thinking about passion, motive, money, security and good health. Even if one can plan to get these all in third life span then also he can achieve it. At age of 45 and above, the experience, mature mind and strength for facing challenges can help to achieve it.

Most of the people are able to dispose of their responsibilities by age around 52-55. By disposing of responsibilities if one can able to create sufficient passive earning stream to sustain the life then after disposing of responsibilities one can start focus to work on motive.

Fourth span ( age 60 years and above ) – In fourth life span, one should not struggle to sustain life just for money. Hence try to get as much in third span of life if missed something. So after 60 year of age one can live life peacefully. 

These all four spans of life are interconnected to each other. The result of one life span can impact upcoming life span.

Over a period of time one should find a motive in life and can start working to achieve it. The journey to achieve motive should keep us happy and this happiness can give us an enjoy full life. If we can able to enjoy life spans like profession, retirement then life will be good. In life span of profession & retirement, our roll become prime to achieve happiness.

So what we want from life ?

We generally see that we are not much interested to find the answer to this question. The way life takes us we are flowing ahead with the time. Every time our mind is changing and according to our surrounding, our thoughts are changing very frequently.

But if we try to find the answer to the question “What we want from life” then we will get the right way of life. First we have to find the motive of life.

How to find motive of life ?

Finding motive in life is one of the most important exercise. Many are not able to get the motive till whole life.

To get the motive of life one should be keep mind cool and have to assume few things while finding out the motive of life. 

While finding the answer of “What we want from life” few things we should assume. 

To get the right motive one has to sit alone at least an hour without any work 2-3 days in a week, assuming all the below parameters and then just think on this……

  • We have enough money to sustain life & fulfil all the responsibilities.
  • We have enough money to enjoy.
  • We have no debt or Loan.
  • We have own dream house.
  • We have sufficient comfort & luxury in life. 

In short, no liability and the time is completely available. So in these circumstances how we will lead our life ? ……what work we will do ?……..how to be happy ?

Once we start thinking on this question then at last we will find our motive. Maybe it will take months time to get right motive of life.

We have to learn skills to be happy & create sufficient money & assets so life will be much easier to live.

If we can able to find “What we want from life” then we can live a meaningful life. Working for the motive with passion can give us satisfaction which will keep us happy and help us to live life gracefully, peacefully and satisfactorily.       

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