How important is “Seeking” in life ?

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“Seeking” word looks very normal but has very much significance in life.

In other words, we can say that “Seeking” is the way of life.

Without Seeking there is no life especially for humans.

When life comes to earth in form of a new born child as an infant, first an infant tries to open the eyes to see what is outside. Curiosity helps him to see the first glimpses of this world and he starts seeking things with curiosity. His seeking nature is helping him to see & feel everything that he sees.  Also, it helps him to grow and understand things faster. As he grows, the tendency for seeking increases, and it makes him understand things minutely. Seeking start with first to see then feel and then try to get it. That the way life makes new avenues on this planet.

Our seeking power is helping us to find out, learn & understand things. This quality of seeking is a mother of adventure, creation, innovation & invention.

If we take any age group, we found everyone is seeking in life to find something and if someone stops seeking then life will not move forward.

Let start with new born child, a new born first wants to see, feel and understanding each and everything which he sees and he is recognising the things due to his seeking habit. Mother, father and people around are helping him to understand.

Let’s take the best example, once an infant opens his eyes, first he see her mother. He actually seeking, who she is ?…. and a mother helps him to understand by saying “Ma”  or “Mom”. This is the way she actually makes him understand the answer he was seeking. It continues with him for either humans or things around.

Take another age group, a child is asking many questions to his mother, father, teacher and others around him to understand what he has seen. This curiosity is helping him to find the answer or seek the answer to his each and every question as everything is new for him in this world. These answers make him understand the things either rightly or wrongly as these conveyed to him. But as age grows he tries to again seek the answer to the same questions whether those are right or wrong and this seeking is the way of life which engages him.

As age grows till adulthood, the seeking power is on top as this is the time when he wants to expand his wings to fly high in life. He wants to explore ways in life which he wants to pursue either to do higher study, choose the profession, finding out soul mate or spread his social horizon in society. As much he seeks more he learns and grows faster. But if he does not seek any things, then things will not come on his way or if he seeks slowly then things will come to him slowly.

As age grows till 30-35, seeking power continues and he earns money & power to seek respect in society. He makes his own nest for him and his family. He is exploring ideas to create something new which keeps him satisfied and keeps his seeking desire fulfilled.

As his age grows 35-50, he is helping the family to grow and seeking new avenues for his children. Same time he seeks and works on his motives of life. In his profession, he seeks many ideas so that he will satisfy his seeking desires. This seeking is helping him to grow in terms of financial stability, turn dreams into reality, find out the way to enjoy life, work towards the motive of his life.

As age grows to 50-60, he seeks to find how he will settle his children, secure finance and way of life after retiring from profession or job. 

If we see from our infant age till the end of life we are seeking something and this seeking is the journey of life which keeps us engage whole life. Now it is up to us that this seeking will give us pleasure full moments or distress moments. If this seeking is giving us pleasure then we can live a good life but if not then our life will be stressful.

How this “Seeking” reach to us

God has made this earth and created creatures & humans. Both are having brains but a small difference makes them apart and this difference is, creatures are using their mind only for survival, not for any other things but a human is using the brain for survival as well many things to invent, explore and to do adventure.

If we see, a human is making house doing interior fit-out, placing gadgets for his comfort but a creature either birds or animal or any others are only making his nest just for survival. You will not found any creature who is doing the interior fit-out of his nest. 

This seeking power is also helping the human brain to work in the direction to find something or seek the answer to his curiosities. 

“Seeking” is the positive or negative way of life

This is true that without seeking we cannot engage the life. This seeking is actually helping us to find ways of life. If our seeking direction is negative then it will disastrous for self and society but if this is positive then it will be for the well-being of humans & others.

Start from primitive humans till the human of the present age are only seeking more than 5000+ years and created many unbelievable things which are very much useful and serving for the well-being of all.

“Seeking” helps us to find a motive in life 

By this seeking habit, we can progress in life by seeking our goals & motive of life and turn these into reality which makes a happy living, quality and stress-free life.

A positive approach will help us to find the right motive of life and help us to find the way of life we want to live with all happiness.

This inbuilt habit in humans is creating a way of life which keeps us engage in whole life. The positive direction of “Seeking” will help to protect our planet and creation will help humans for their well-being.

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