Why we need money and for what?

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In the present time, money has become an integral part of our life. Everyone is running behind money either poor, middle or rich class and even after having sufficient money, people are not satisfied and further chasing behind money to get more n more things in life. 

This is become a lifestyle or can say way of life of most of the people. Reasons can be different from person to person but the end goal is the same that is “get as much money”. This rat race to get more & more money is becoming never-ending story of most of the people.

Is there is end to it ?

To find the answer, let’s go into the history way back how money was introduced, what was the honest motive to introduce the money and now in which direction society is going for the money.

How Currency was born ?

More than 1000+ years ago, people use to grow & manufacture things, providing services and exchanging among each other with goods to fulfil basic needs of life. For making products or providing services, the efforts and making time were different and due to this people were facing problem in exchanging things. The main reason for the problem was, they were not able to evaluate the value of the product or services.  To resolve this issue, the metal object was introduced which later known as Coin. That’s how currency was born.

Why currency was introduced ?

The coin was introduced just to make balance in exchanging the things and just to ease the trade. Product & services were evaluated based on effort & cost incurred of raw materials. These services or products people are exchange just to sustain life.

So the main reason to introduce the currency was just to sustain life with ease.

How the size of currency increase ?

Since the beginning of life, human nature is to seek something new and this inventive & innovative behaviour of humans has gradually created many products & services. Parallelly the quantity & size of the currency had also been gradually increasing due to more n more introduction of large products & services.

How currency Notes has been introduced?

As more n more large products & services have been introduced, so carrying coins were becoming a difficult affair.  Again to resolve the issue the paper currency Notes have been introduced so carrying currency will be easier. Even this time also people use to exchange the products mainly due to sustaining the life.

How currency will become prominent?

As the population grows, the demand for products & services were increasing and people use to store the goods so any time they can get the currency if the exchange of product or service not working out. People were more focusing on storing goods. Slowly the race to store more n more valuable goods were becoming practice and people who were having valuable goods were knowing as rich people in society. Even at this point of time, people were not much interested to store currency, they use to store valuable goods like gold, silver, grains, lands etc. Many times they were exchanging things with these and were avoiding the exchange of currency.

Importance of currency before this Century

Before this century, people use to provide services or selling goods to other people or take loans from rich people to sustain the life. Rich people were imposing heavy interest on loans due to which poor or needy people use to repay the loan whole life, even sometimes their children’s were repaying their parent’s loans.

These rich people have laid the foundation of greediness due to which society had divided into two parts. On one side, poor people who were using goods or services to sustain the life and on other side rich people were storing goods & currency just to become more n more rich. Slowly the gap between poor and rich was becoming more n more wider. People who use to store more goods & currency were become richer and on another side just to sustain the basic needs of life, poor people use to run behind the goods & currency by selling their services, belongings or taking loans from rich peoples.

Importance of currency in recent Century

At the beginning of the recent century, trade across the globe was not that easy. The trade was happening mainly with in the countries, so exchanging the goods & services were popular till mid of this century.

From mid of this century, the currency started becoming prominent as now this has been used to buy things to sustain the life and also to buy comforts & luxury to live life.

In this century, storing currency has become more popular due to the introduction of banks. Initially, people were not having much trust in banks due to reliability issues but after the nationalization of banks, the reliability factor on banks has been significantly increased. People use to store money in banks.

Although the comforts & luxury goods were introduced at beginning of the century but as the cost of comfort & luxury were extremely high, due to which only rich or very prominent class people were able to afford it.

After globalization, comforts & luxury will become cheaper and now mass population like poor & middle class are also running behind these comforts & luxury. To buy these comforts & luxury they are running behind the currency.  Now storing currency either earn by self or taken as loans are mainly for buying comforts & luxury has becoming a cup of tea of most of the people. Just to have more comfort, luxury & position in society people are taking them to all stress level. The ways & means to earn money has become a prime priority of life.

Circulation of currency

As the size & volume of products are increasing, people started creating small manufacturing & services industries/ business where more people are participating to have currency to sustain life and later to buy comforts & luxury. Slowly these small-scale manufacturing & service industries becoming large organizations and giving earning opportunities to the people to earn more currency. Due to this, currency circulation has been increased significantly.

But are we really forgot the main reason for introduction of the currency?

During this whole transformation of time, the main reason to introduce the currency has completely changed. The currency which was introduced to sustain life now become more to buy comforts, luxury and placing higher position in society.

Just to have more currency, people are running behind the currency and in this chase to get the currency, they to forget the meaning of life.

What is the social impact on society after currency becomes more prominent in life?

In present time currency or say money has become prominent in human life and just to have that, people are adopting ways and means which are changing behaviour of the humans & attitude to see the life.

It has been evident during the course of time, that this change is not very good for society. This chase to get more money, now people use to become greedy and due to which affection with society or people around are become more for wasted interest even with their very near & dears also. People are getting more into competition with others and just sake of money they are letting down others. Sometimes this is impacting others to sustain the life.

This chase of money is not bad if people earn money without harming other’s interests but just to get more, there is a big competition or say never ending rat race due to which stress levels & health issues are popping up.

How people attitude changes due to currency

This greed for the currency is changing the attitude of the people which is gradually changing the entire way of life due to which society is heading in a different direction which has selfishness, differences, competition and non-helping behaviour and further it leads to crime.  

The organizations & businesses which were mended to give currency to the large group of people for sustain the life, live peacefully & comfortably now becoming stress generator which is squeezing happiness of the people.

The organization structure was formed with the aim to create more earning opportunity for the people and it will happen when people work for the organization in such a way so after all organizational expenses, the organization can make an extra profit so further more n more earning opportunity can be created to accommodate more n more people. But now these organizations are becoming stress generator due to selfishness of individuals those have responsibility to keep organization in profit. If these individuals work for human wellbeing then this positive motive will change the entire way of thinking for working and keep the organization in profit. This healthy environment can only provide peaceful, stress-free, healthy & happy life to the human being.

What we are missing ?

The people forgetting to live life peacefully & satisfactorily which is the most important thing to have a quality life. The money should be earned in such a way which can help us to lead life peacefully & satisfactorily.          

What should be the motive to earn money?       

The main motive to earn money to have comfortable, peaceful and satisfactory life which only can be achieved if one should be satisfied with things around and helping others to sustain the life.

Money never gives satisfaction. Even after getting as much money, people are still running behind to get more. Better to focus to live a meaningful life while earning money and engage in the works which keep us happy. Helping others to sustain life will create a healthy society which is also most important to live happy & peaceful life.

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