Health is a big corpus for Financial Freedom

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Good health is very essential to live a peaceful and happy life. This is much more important than money. Without this money cannot be enjoyed.

It is as good as corpus which can help you to enjoy financial freedom.

Now a days Health, Immunity & Fitness these words are very popular mainly due to Covid-19 pandemic and people are more focusing to take care of their health. 

Also “Immunity” word has become most popular due to the pandemic. People are searching more on Google, how to increase the immunity of the body and after which they are taking supplements either natural or artificial to enhance the immunity of the body. Also now a days yoga, fitness exercises are more popular among all ages.

What is health ?

Without understanding about health, we are just searching and doing many experiments on our body without knowing what suits to our body.

Before starting anything first we need to understand what is health ?

Health means your body should almost disease less and your energy levels are at reasonable at good levels. In the present age we can add one more thing is body shape. 

So it more important to know what should be done so it can be maintained lifelong.

What is the secrete behind health ?

To better understand, we have to go back to history. If you see our Indian history, the warriors use to be very strong especially Kings. The King children’s childhood used to be very tough. They trained their children in such a way so that their mental and physical growth will be at very good levels. They use to send their children to Gurukuls for almost 10-15 years or they are keeping a different kind of in-house set up so their children can learn about the life, relations, socialization and combat skills.

But if you see what they are learning first is “Discipline” which is very essential to learn anything in life. The Gurus ( teachers ) use to feed “discipline” word in them so they can succeed at all levels in their life.

Even if we see our grandparent life, we found they were more disciplined and use to maintain the same discipline in the family. 

In the present age, the “discipline “ world is completely missing in our life and because of this starting from childhood age due to this, the body is becoming weaker and by reaching at adulthood we are not as healthy as we should be. 

If you search on the internet, you find a thousand ways to enhance health but the “discipline” word you get rarely. Disciplined life can keep our body fit. Nature has given us a body, it is up to us how we can maintain it. 

If we want to keep our body healthy then few are the things that are very essential in life.

(1) Discipline

To keep body health discipline is very important especially for food timings. Most of the people are following a normal daily routine but many of us are not having any discipline in food timing due to a hectic work schedule and may be due to any other reasons but it all slowly making our body weak.

In general, many people are following the timing……

Get up             – by 5:30am – 6:00am

Breakfast         – by 7:30 am – 8:00am

Lunch               – by 1:00pm – 1:30pm

Evening snacks – by 5:00pm – 5:30pm

Dinner                 – by 7:30pm – 8:00pm

Go to Sleep      – by 10:00pm – 10:30pm.

Even many people are starting their schedule more early than this schedule.

These timings people are following since ages which were defined by our ancestors who found this timing is the best timing to take food which can keep the body healthy. These have been arrived based on their practical experience. If you see the timing you found, there is a proper gap between one meal to another so the digestion process can be completed properly. 

If we follow the proper routine since childhood then the body will become healthy and in adulthood, further healthy food can keep body healthy & fit lifelong. 

(2) Healthy food

Most of the people know what is healthy and what food is harmful. Our parent thought us well about this but by knowing we are skipping and taking junk food which can make our body weaker. For a taste, we can take Junk food but any unreasonable quantity of junk food is not good for health.

Since childhood, we use to take one kind of food diet and our body has become habitual to that food. Later any major change in food pattern may lead to complications so it is also important that which healthy food suits to our body and accordingly we should take the food.

If you don’t know what is healthy food you can search on google and can find the food which suits on your body.

(3) Avoid allergic Food

As we all know, a healthy diet & food can only keep us healthy but sometimes healthy food may also cause allergy in a person’s body which may lead to creating disease. So we should be very much aware which food can react to our body and accordingly we can take the right food which can keep our body disease less. 

(4) Good Drinking water

Drinking water is very essential for a body that works as a coolant and cleanser of our body. So water quantity & quality both are very important for good health. 

Now a days as water are getting contaminated and the treatment process becoming harder which is even taking out the main supplement of water that is required to keep our body healthy. In metropolitan cities getting good water is becoming difficult.

(5) Good Environment

The environment is the major element which can keep our body disease less as what air we are breathing is more important and if this inhaled air is polluted then it will act as a slow poison to our body which may not impact our body in the shorter period but in a long way it can become a reason for major unrecoverable disease.

Breathing unpolluted air is now a days becoming very difficult as metropolitan life have many kind of air pollution which is harming our health directly and indirectly both. Although greenery can help to purify the air but not very much as the air pollution level is becoming higher side.

After a certain age, many people settled themselves in locations where pollution levels are very low and greenery are more like near to hill stations or outskirt of the city.

(6) Stress less life

To sustain the life we are struggling hard to create our own small world but while creating this our own world we are forgetting everything and taking things seriously and because of that stress levels on the mind is becoming very high which is a major cause of many unrecoverable and some time for the fatal diseases.

Stressing our mind for anything either money, power, relations or any other thing may largely harm our health. Now a day life has become more struggling because of our desires and dreams but to achieve those desires & dreams one should not stress their mind beyond limits which can reduce the health and decrease the life span.

 (7) Yoga, Exercise & meditation

In present world, mind works are increasing and physical works are decreasing day by day. This is directly impacting our body’s digestion system and due to this health levels are drastically decreasing. To compensate for the physical work, body exercise is the best way to keep the body fit.

Also in professional or in personal life, stress levels are increasing and to reduce the impact of stress level, Yoga & Meditation is the best practices which only can keep mentally & physically fit.

Now a days most of the people are doing yoga without understanding the concept of yoga. They are actually doing body exercises. Yoga is to make your body mentally & physically fit. Yogic postures are to strengthen body & mind both.

Meditation is only to keep your mind calm.

(8) Sport Activity

After college life, most of the people get away from sports activities. Sports activities are very good to keep the body fit especially those where physical exercise happens while playing. It will help to keep the flexibility of bone joints and help us to burn calories. 

Sports like badminton, long tennis, table tennis, running, volleyball, football, hockey, squash, cricket, baseball, swimming, etc. are good to maintain fitness. Even playing one game regularly can keep our body fit.

(9) Give time to self

Giving time to self looks very normal but it will help to keep mind cool which is very much necessary for good health. We are always busy doing something in life to fulfill liabilities & dreams but if we take out time for ourselves and give no work to our mind for an hour in a day and keep us alone then our thought process will largely change. 

Why it will happen because in a day many things are happening in our life and our mind is always thinking about those things & events which keeps our mind engaged and keep it always in stress.

These all nine elements can help us to keep our body healthy which is very much necessary for stress-free & happy life

So keep maintaining this corpus of health which only can help to enjoy money, power, relations and keep us happy which only can give us the quality of living in life.

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