Explore your qualities during lockdown time

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Many of the people are working from home or visiting their workplace on need basis due to Covid -19 lockdown or restrictions. This work from home thing is saving a lot of travel time and also energy.

In this spare time, why don’t we just explore our inner qualities which we were not able to explore due to hectic work routines and other social engagements?     

Exploring your own qualities can make you feel happy and satisfy. Sometimes it can become a minor or prominent source of income also.

Do we know ourself ?

It’s difficult to say, as we never explore our self. We have lot many abilities, qualities & capabilities. Since we never explored such things so these are laying somewhere inside in us. Exploring self is not a bad idea. You will find many qualities in you on which you are always thinking “you cannot able to do” but once you start exploring, things are automatically come out from you.

How do we Explore ?

First, it is important which qualities in you are good and then you can start exploring these qualities. During this Covid restriction time, we cannot come out from doorstep so we can only explore those qualities which can be done without getting out from your house.

Let’s see what qualities can be explored. 

  1. Reading
  2. Gaining Knowledge
  3. Writing
  4. Speaking
  5. Knowledge sharing
  6. Consulting
  7. Professional Teaching
  8. Cooking
  9. Singing
  10. Learning Musical instrument
  11. Composing Music
  12. Poetry writing
  13. Practicing Golf
  1. Reading

A time has gone when to get a knowledge people are searching books and due to lack of knowledge of books, they are not able to get the right books. Now in this internet world you can explore as many topics and can gain knowledge. Even books are available on internet or on Kindle pad where you can explore as many books of your choice. Also you can read any articles or books on internet.

2. Gaining Knowledge

If we choose any subject and want to learn from scratch then Youtube is one of the best online platform where you can learn as many things. In one subject you will get hundreds of videos which will help you to gain knowledge on any particular subject. Only one should find what he/she want to learn and keep watching as many videos which will give you immense knowledge, real-time experiences of people and how to further possibilities can be explored. You can get knowledge by knowledge sharing videos of people across the globe over the internet. Around the world, people are sharing knowledge more on Youtube.

If you love to read on the subject you can get as many blogs on the internet where you can explore and gain knowledge of the subject.     

3. Writing

Many of us have reasonable knowledge of the subject which can be shared by writing. We can write in any language. Most of us are hesitant to write as they are thinking that for writing you need special skills. But once you start writing you will find you have your own ways of writing to express your knowledge.

Now the question is where to write? Now a day we most of us are familiar with the computer where most of us have basic knowledge of  Microsoft Word which can be accessible from Desktop, Laptop or smartphone. You can start writing on your favourite subject or can also write on different subjects.

Once you have enough write-ups or you have such subject knowledge then you can write your blog on Bloggers.com which is the free platform for Bloggers. You need to register on bloggers.com and you can start your own blog.

If you want to create your own Blog website then you need to take domain & Hosting from service providers like Godaddy, BlueHost etc.

Do you know that without any great knowledge of website designing, you can create your own website by reading on internet? Yes even you also can design your own blog website in just half an hour.

4. Speaking

By watching TV, surfing on internet, working in a profession and from society, we are learning many things and we have our own opinion on different subjects. Most of the time we are discussing and sharing with our family, friend & colleagues by our speaking power.  Sometimes it is more knowledge sharing & convincing. This sharing you can do with the whole world by your speaking power. Internet is one of the most effective way to communicate your voice to all. Podcast is one of the strong media to communicate your voice to others by internet which is recently gaining popularity.

Many of the people are selling his voice around the world. Every county has many films, documentaries, cartoon films, programs and to promote these across the globe, they are dubbing voice in local languages.  You can explore your voice and can sell also. Many international website are searching for such voices for their clients who can dub in regional languages. You can register yourself on such websites and can explore quality of your speaking.

5. Knowledge Sharing

The time has gone when people are not sharing knowledge as they are thinking that sharing knowledge with others create competition for them. But now the world is changing. People love to share their experiences and knowledge with others majorly on internet.

This knowledge sharing will helping us to improve our own knowledge. This experience & knowledge can be shared in write-ups or PDF. Once you start doing things you will find that you have almost written a book of your knowledge & experiences. This knowledge sharing can help you & others to get something in life and people will recognize you by your knowledge. 

6. Consulting

This whole world is full of problems. Everyone is looking for help to resolve their problem and if you are the right person to provide the solution to the problem then you will get appreciation in terms of recognition or money.  As much problem is big, solution cost will be more.

Across the globe around six billion people are looking for the solution in their daily life either in the profession or in personal life. If you get expertise or ability to provide the solution to such problems then you can do miracles.

Reaching physically to the people will be very difficult but by internet, you can reach across the globe and can provide solutions. At the present time even small kids are providing solutions on the internet.

You can create your own website by yourself with very little investment in domain & hosting. Presently other things are completely free. You need a website so people can able to see what kind of solutions you are providing and by website, they can able to see your contact either email or phone and can reach you.

Again you do not need any great knowledge to create your own website. By reading on the internet you can create your own website by yourself in few minutes.

7. Professional Teaching

Many of the people are having vast experience in their profession or knowing any other skill which can be explore by professional teaching. If you can able to design course and can take class online by any online video application like gmail, zoom etc.

Your skill and design of course should be good and can able to share your knowledge in the right manner. This will always be popularised by mouth to mouth publicity if your courses are good and beneficial to others. Also it can be a source of income too if you want to earn.

8. Cooking

Are you a good cook?  Good in making delicious dishes? If yes then quality of cooking will be going to make you completely enjoyable. You can create your own Youtube channel to share your cooking experience. Even by Youtube videos, you can learn as many dishes and keep your family happy.

In every community, cooking preparations are different and taste also. This will completely depend upon the ingredients you are choosing for cooking and the preparation & cooking methodology which make your dish different from others but it should be tasty.

9. Singing

Most of the people are good bathroom singers and never explore their singing quality. Now it is too easy to explore your singing quality for which you need mobile or laptop or PC. Many free recording software by which you can record your vocal in no time. Even you can add music by Karaoke in MP3 format which makes you feel like you are singing with an orchestra.

If you are really good at singing and interested to record your vocals in a little professional manner then you can setup your small home studio which can be setup less the Rs 5k-8k at the beginning. You can upgrade your set up by further investment. Many professional equipments can enhance your voice quality like Microphone, recording software, Mixtures, Audio interface etc.

Learn more on how to setup your own basic home studio and what accessories you need.

With this small home studio setup you can also record your voice for Podcast, can sharing knowledge on Youtube channel and record Youtube videos professionally. This will improve your voice clarity and quality.

Although in beginning you can use your phone or PC to records your vocals or voice or voiceover. 

You can upload your vocals on your own Youtube channel and can share them with your friends and others. Even you can record your video and can show how you are singing.

10. Learning Musical instrument

Plying musical instrument is fun for those who have a passion of music. Learning musical instruments is nowadays not very difficult. Many instruments can be learned like Guitar, Keyboard, Flute, Saxophone, Violin, Tabla, Piano etc. which can be learned by watching free tutorials and can learn by online classes.

This quality of learning needs patience as one should learn from scratch. It is time taking process and practice make this easy.

You can buy an instrument online and can start learning. If you have the passion to learn, you can learn musical instruments very fast.

11. Composing Music

Again composing music is completely depends on your passion for music. It needs proper learning to start with. Although you can create music with your mind with the combination of music on composing on free software available over internet. But to compose proper music you need to learn about the basics of music. Free or paid tutorial & online classes are available over the internet. Many people are teaching music over online paid classes.

Once you learn the basics of music, you can setup your home studio for composing music and create a collection of your music compositions. This you can use for self or can sell your music to others like Youtubers, Music Composers, Documentary & Short filmmakers etc.

12. Poetry Writing

Very few people have such creativity to write poetry. This skill is more come from your inner feeling which you can translate to words and can write on a piece of paper. Many people have this creativity to write.

If you have such quality you can practice and can improve your quality of writing poetry.

13. Practicing Golf

Most of the games are outdoor which cannot be played during lockdown time. Practicing Golf is one of the best gaming which can be explored at your home also where you can learn few shots of golf in indoor rooms. These practicing kits are available over shopping sites like Amazon where you can buy online.

Golf if one of the rich game which can add value in your lifestyle.

These are the few qualities you can explore in self. We are generally living to sustain the life & disposing of responsibilities and really forgot that we have immense talents in us which we never explored. Exploring such qualities in you will keep you satisfy and keep you happy. By doing all you will gain something as learning in life. It will fill up thrill in your routine life.

You can ask help from me to design your own basic blog website and can explore you writing skills & knowledge sharing quality.

So without wasting time find out what in you and try to explore. You will see by own, you will get the steps to move faster and this will help you to improve your quality of Life.

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