How to manage your own financial portfolio?

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“Finance” word has any significance in our life ?

The answer is Yes……

Finance word has very much significance in our life and once it’s come to personal finance then it becomes more important as this will help us to facilitate and fulfill our dreams for buying assets or saving for social security or achieving comfortable stress-free life.

We all are busy earning money in different ways and means. Many of us are saving a good amount of money every month. These savings we generally keep aside for either buying assets or investing in different kinds of investment schemes to get the best returns.

As soon as money comes, we are trying to invest in some investment schemes. Generally, these investments we are doing without any proper planning or tracking and mainly doing investments based on just to have higher returns.

As we have not done any financial planning and we are just investing so we are not able to take the current status of all our investments, returns every month and returns as on date. If we invest and also do financial planning by tracking our finance then our investment can fetch more returns. This financial planning can guide us in the right direction so we can track our investment & returns and based on that we can further plan our investments.

This income from invested money is known as “Effortless Income” which we can get without any physical effort. Even while sleeping this effortless income will keep ON.

So what we should do ?

To manage our investment a “Personal Financial Portfolio” is very essential which can track our investments and returns both smartly. This portfolio is having all the details of our investment which can able to reflect all investments, investment duration & other details, income per month and total money available with us as of date.

As soon as we track our financial portfolio, this will encourage us to make our financial portfolio stronger by investing a good amount of money in the best investment plans which fetch higher returns. As investment grows by our regular savings and investments, our per month income by investments will also increase gradually and this makes our financial portfolio stronger.

As much you focus on your Personal Financial Portfolio, your effortless income will increase that will gives you freedom once this income reaches the level where this becomes the main source of income.

Many of us are busy with our job or doing business and not able to focus to make & track our personal financial portfolio. Due to this, we are losing income on investments. Also to keep all the documents & details intact, we need to work on filing and keep our documents/details in safe custody. If we are not able to do so then we can delegate this to a financial planner who can help us to make & track our financial portfolio smartly.    

Personal financial portfolio must have these features

A Personal Financial portfolio should have all the details of the money available to us. It should track our finances and investment in the simplest way. Few features are necessary for a personal financial portfolio.

  • It should have details of Investments made in different banks or institutions.
  • Elaborated details of the investments like investment account number, institution, amount, investment date, maturity date, maturity amount, interest on which investment made etc.
  • Money available in saving accounts & other such locations where interest income is almost negligible or zero.
  • Should have details of retirement investments & benefits like PF, VPF, PPF, Gratuity, Superannuation, etc.
  • It should reflect income by your investment during a particular financial year.
  • What are the assets you have and income from those assets?

Advantages of Personal Financial Portfolio

If we are serious about the returns on saved money then personal financial portfolio is the right way to track our investments. Few advantages are making importance of financial portfolio.

  • We can check available money with us.
  • We can get details of investment by which we can track maturity date which can help us to renew our invest in-time.
  • Can check the status of our social security status.
  • Can check where we are getting less returns & where we are getting more.
  • Plan our further investment to increase income by investments.

How to make “Personal Financial Portfolio”

By two ways you can maintain your Personal Financial Portfolio.

  1. Maintain your Personal Financial Portfolio by a “Premium Excel Tracker” which can help you to track finance & assets by yourself..
  1. Can delegate this to someone who can help you to make and track our financial portfolio smartly or can Opt our Services.

We should religiously maintain the “Personal Financial Portfolio” which can only help us to track our finance and help us to improve investment patterns and income per month by our saved money. This will help us to lead life confidently & stress free.

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