Are we living life in our own way ?

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Freedom word itself gives us pleasant feeling to every human being as no one wanted to be dictated by anyone.

But in real-world we most of us are governed by someone else due to money which is only to sustain life in the present world.

This extreme importance of money is putting us on the path of life without thinking about what we want from life and really how we want to live life in our own way.

We should ask to self that……  

Are we living life in our own way ?

Starting from our childhood we are always in someone else control and always following instructions from our parents and society. Our social infrastructure is even not allowing becoming us independent even reaching adulthood at age 18 or 21. Even after also we are always in deep influence and feeling unseen pressure by the society.

Choosing a profession which is more of making a place in society rather than what we want to do in life according to our wishes.

We are moving on with the flow of life according to our social practices and not ready to come out of the box to live life the way we want.

Even we do not have the strength to do something of our liking and if we are doing so, our so called society people are discouraging us and feeding fear on us of failure.

And the more realistic fact is that even our near once and our spouse will not accept this concept of living to be free.

This is the main hurdle which is stopping us to make a thought to be financially free.  

What we want in life ?

After age 20, we want to live life independently and we have many ideas to live life…….like want to explore the country/ world, want to do something which gives happy feeling to inner core, profession or business who gives us pleasure, can do something good for society and many more thing to do but lastly, we are ignoring all voices of the inner heart and finally choosing the way of the life which will give unlikable struggling life and we are just excepting this to earn money, take care of our expenses and to buy such kinds of stuff of our liking.

But are we really getting happiness after getting such stuffs with unpleasant struggling earned money ?

If we ask to self we will get answer “NO”

In the present world what is necessary?

In the present world, we need money which is most important to lead our life. As many times we can say that money is not giving peace but the reality is that we cannot ignore the importance of money in our daily life.

The second most important thing is the environment in which we are living in and the people around us. This can enhance our living happiness if our surrounding is good and the people around us are more liberal towards life then our life will be much easy. We cannot live in isolation as somewhere we have to connect with the people around us.

The third most important thing is, we should have a vision of life which generally many of us do not have. Our education structure is actually not giving any such guidance about how to choose a profession according to our talent, interest and wishes. That is the major thing we are missing in our life and not able to explore our likable way of life.

If you get the answer for all three then leading a happy life is much easier.

How we are choosing profession ?

In our country,, we are judging the profession based on two parameters. One is higher earning and the other is comfort and how we look with our profession. That is why most of us are more fantasized with the IT professional as their earning are higher side and the same time they are working in a good environment. But the reality is entirely different. The stress level in IT sector especially higher paid jobs are very much high that is why most of the IT professionals are looking opportunity to quit the profession after 10 to 12 years of earning, switching to passive income streams or getting into other professions where the stress levels are less.

In our young stage, we don’t know the inherent tenant in us and even not guided by anyone about the stream of the profession to be chosen.

In the present world, the internet has potential which is giving all the windows of professions where we can peep in and can choose the profession and can decide our way of life.

Earning money by profession

We are choosing a profession to earn money. Here our starting itself is wrong.

First, we should choose a profession and then explore the ideas to earn money so we can enjoy working in the profession we have chosen. Exploring new ideas in a likable field will give the right work to our mind so we can think and explore things in an efficient manner.

Spending time with the profession will give us happiness and enhance our quality and healthy heartily living.

Age to choose the right profession

The right age to choose the right profession is when actually we are choosing the professional education stream. This is the right time to decide the way of life.

Those who are already working in the profession to earn money can also explore the ideas to change the profession if they are not happy with the stream. For this kind of people, exploring new ideas are giving more probability of success as experience in public relations can help them in a better way.

Profession should give money ?

As we know that money has importance in this world so the profession should be like that it can give very good flow on income so achieving goal to be financial fee can be achieved.

And after becoming financially free, the profession can able to give happiness if not able to generate the income.

This is the way how we are living life. Few small changes in life can give the right path to our life where we can enjoy life to the fullest. Also there is no age to start with life, any time we can decide and can choose the right path to live the life in our own way.

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