How transformation is changing our Society?

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In India, during year 1950 to 1980 the living cultures and way of thinking towards society was very different as compare to present senior. The major transformation has started after year 1980. Many of us have seen this big transformation in lifestyle especially recent decade. The concept of living has completely changed and significant changes have happened in way of thinking about life. Those who born before year 1985 have seen this transformation very closely.

The old era was very different from present one. How things were there in olden days and how it is in present days.

How was the old Era

Family structure was : People use to live in joint family where main head of the family was dominating and deciding the way of living of other members and social & cultural ethic. People use to give respect to their elder & head of the family and following Indian cultural ethics. People’s motivation of life was to have simple food and good peaceful sleep. They use to earn money to fulfil the need like shelter, food and peaceful sleep.

Thinking about location was : People use to prefer stay at one location whole life and most of the time people are not leaving their native place. They were slowly constructing own house staring from land purchase then construction of one story. Over period of time based of joint family requirements they were expanding the same house and were living together.

Mode of communication was : During those period mode of communication was very limited. Communicate to nearest one, the only way is to directly meet face to face for any communication. Those who are far, was communicating by letter or by post. If it is urgent then people use to communicate by telegram or phone call. These urgent mode of communication were very expensive so in case of urgency people use to communicate by telegram or phone.

Education status was: Education avenues was very limited those days and higher education with in India was the priority. Schools were emphasising on education and teaching manners so the Indian cultural values can be retained. Majorly people use to prefer graduation, post-graduation, PhD, engineering or going in medical field. The school were more focusing on book education and book knowledge based studies. The education cost was very nominal compare to income.      

Thinking about Employment was : People use to prefer government job and they were making all effort to get that. They use to spend 2-7 years of their time to get the government job. Finally after not getting alternative they use to go for private organization. Those time people use to respect those person those were in government jobs. Those days placing position in society was the main criteria not the money and money was always secondary preference. People use to prefer marriage to their daughters to government servant rather than big businessmen or private job holder.

About marriage was : Those time marriage was treated as family affair. The way of thinking was that the marriage is happening between two families and while finalising the bride or groom people use to see the background of the family like social image, financial condition etc. Even if bride or groom status was not upto the mark but if their family status was good, people prefer to do marriage based on family background. People use to more prefer to welcoming marriage party guest and use to respect elders in marriage functions.

Importance of money was : In olden days people are not giving not that much importance to money. People are spending more money on food, shelter and making relation in their society, helping each other’s matters. They use to welcome their guest at home. Even people use to keep their guest for longer period. For them cultural values were important and they use to spend money on travelling to religious places.

How things started changing –

After 1980 the society structure started changing slowly. This was happening due to many reasons. This transformation has changing the entire concept of social living. After year 1985 computer had been introduced in India and further the mode of communication were becoming slowly more advanced starting from phone to pager to mobile to internet & now intellectual intelligence and many more changes are coming up. These transformation in society structure are changing our cultural value, way of living, way of dressing, way of fooding, behaviour etc. Now people are more focusing on living comfort, enjoyment & showing-off and to get this all these they have started running behind money. Now people use to more focus to get money by any means with compromising all their cultural ethics.

Changing in family Structure : Slowly government jobs opportunity were become very limited and private job opportunities have started opening their mouth. Those time who use to prefer not to leave their native place, started moving towards city for job opportunities. People are started moving towards city or main town along with spouse & kids leaving joint family structure. They use to see the living culture of city and start fascinating with city living. They were started adopting living style of the cities. Where in their native place the main motive was to earn money to get food & good sleep were now chaining. They are giving more preference to buy stuffs for their comfort rather than food or good sleep.

Thinking about location is : Now people find more growth and earing opportunity in Metro & Cities. After seeing other lifestyle who moved from villages to cities, people following their path and trying to move from the village. Those who don’t want to move from native place now after seeing city lifestyle making all best effort to move from villages to cities.

Mode of communication is: There was the time where limited mode of communication was there and now the scenario has completely changed. The mode of communication has entirely changed the concept of living, education, knowledge, world affair and many more. Due to introduction of internet, mobile, social media, people are well connecting each other. Now even remote villages got well connected to not even India, entire world. Without meeting each other people are exchanging values, knowledge, culture etc. This modernization of communication is now allowing us to earn money sitting at home.

Education status is :  The education concept has also changed. Now ample of education avenues are available in India and now foreign education has becoming more popular. Even in India people want to educate their kids in International schools and ready to shell out hefty money which is creating more burden on the nuclear families. A time was there where people used to prefer higher education with less cost, now paying hefty amount in initial education. Now a days pre-education has become so expensive which is costing equivalent to higher education.

Employment status :  People who found government job more attractive now started looking opportunity in private jobs to get higher earning packages. The office life in government job and private jobs are having different lifestyle. Sitting in AC offices, having cup of tea/ coffee, stylist work place and many more thing are attracting younger generation to go for private job. Same way in business, the way of doing business has changed. People are creating brand of their own business and do thing at larger levels. Now higher paid Job and business class have created prominent position in society.

About marriage is : A time was their where parent/ elders are deciding the marriage matters. Now things got change significantly. Bride/ groom is deciding how their life partner look like, what education they have, what professional future they have, how much they are earning etc.  They are deciding himself and advising family to look life partner of their choice or searching life partner by self. Family role in marriages are decreasing day by day. Younger generation are more into presenting themselves in good way and now respect to elders is getting eloping day by day.

Importance of Money : In this new transformed society, money is becoming more powerful.  Now importance of money has started taking shape in mind and our cultural values are now slowly started declining. Now people are started adopting nuclear family structure. A time was their where, in joint family one TV, one fridge, one kitchen and many more one were taking care of need 4-5 families and due to this new nuclear family concept now 4-5 TV, 4-5 Fridges, 4-5 kitchens and many more 4-5 were started adding and concept of “one” was eloping. This concept is forcing people to buy everything by self and as the burden has completely comes on nuclear couple so earing money is now for all on one shoulder. Now every nuclear couple has to earn money to build up all mode of comfort for themselves. To make it all you need more n more money. Now people want to travel the place in India & abroad rather than visiting religious places.

What exist in present scenario?

Now slowly money is becoming prime requirement of us. To get the money we are getting stress without paying anything and compromising our peaceful sleep. Our life pace has become so fast due to chase of money, competition and we don’t have time to spend with dear ones. Very few are lucky those are having easy money and have ample time for self.

In present lifestyle money has placed his position very stronger and now if you have money you can get time and enjoy time peacefully. We cannot ignore this transformation in behaviour of society infrastructure and we are partially adopting the changes and running behind it.

So in present scenario we have to decide what we want. We have option to run behind money or have option to create income stream so we can live our life stress free. This is driving us in the same direction towards become financial free and accordingly we can work on to various option to make the income streams where with less effort & time significant money can be generated and financial freedom can be achieved in right age.

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