How can I maintain my Investments & Assets records by self ?

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Updated on 24 Jan 2024

We are earning money by our mind and hard work. We are spending this money for disposing of our responsibilities, entertainment and the rest we are saving to invest in different types of schemes and buying assets like houses, lands, plots, jewellery, etc.

But we are not keeping the records of all our investments. We are only keeping hard copies of the investment certificates randomly like Passbooks, FD certificates, Bond Certificates and many such documents in one place.

If these investments are very few then it always at our fingertips but as these increases during the course of time and we generally forgot how much investments we have done and where.

Do you need any CA or financial expert to maintain your finance?

Generally we are thinking that we need CA or finance expert to manage our personal money & investments information. But it’s not true now you can do it by self just spending 2 minutes time in 15 day or in a month.

If you are in IT, Technical, Marketing, Sales, Manufacturing, Medical, Writer, Content Creator, Youtuber, Business, or any other fields you can do it by self without having accounting background.

What is stopping us to maintain it?

Our general thinking is that I am not from accounting background so I cannot understanding finance but the reality is that you need only simple math. Even that you also don’t need, you only need how to write or how to type in your computer or in your mobile.

What you get to know if you are maintaining your money by self?  

By this, you get to know many things about you money and personal finance like…..

  • How much total money you have?
  • You kept in which banks or schemes?
  • How much tentative earning you are getting per month by it?
  • How much cash available with you for emergency needs and where you kept?
  • What is in your bank locker?
  • How much money you have for your retirement?
  • What is the purchase value of my properties and what is current value?
  • How much earning per month I am getting for real estate properties.
  • How much Gold, Silver you have and what is purchased value and what is current value?
  • How much money you have given to friends, relatives or your business venture/ partners?
  • Do I have all basic info of you and your family at one place like PAN, Aadhar, Driving license, passport, birth certificate, etc?

These all are very basic information which we generally do not know correctly as we do not know how to do it. But if you know then spending just 2 minutes will help you to get all the information anytime.

This will help you to plan your finance, investments, renewals, asset purchase and many more things you can do.

How you can maintain your Investment & Assets records by self?

If you have a pre-designed Excel and your job is only to fill information then it will very easy for you to maintain it by spending very nominal time.

It’s true, many of us are thinking that money management is a very personal thing so want to keep secret and don’t want to share it with anyone. That can be done in this pre-designed excel sheet by putting your own password so your all personal financial information remain confidential with you only.

You have solution to both your Problem

“Investment Tracker” is solution to all your problems. If you are updating this tracker regularly then you will get all the answers.

The “Investment Tracker” is the single Microsoft Excel file that contains few sheets inside. This has been designed in such a way, when you feed the details of your invested money & assets then you will get the desired results in sheet “My Portfolio”. Also these entered details will remain in individual sheets.

After filling all the available details once, further you can update when you done any new investment or renewal which will take hardly two minutes to update it.

If you update it on regular basis then every time you will get updated details of money & assets which will help you to plan your further investments.

This excel file is password protected and only you will create the password so it will remain completely confidential in your personal laptop or PC or Mobile or pen drive or external hard disk.

Why you need “Investment Tracker” ?

  • To resolve all your questions & to keep update yourself.
  • To get updated about your financial net worth.
  • Once you have these details, you can plan your investments properly.
  • You can re-invest your investment on maturity.
  • Nowadays most of the investments we are doing online and not keeping any physical hard copies. If any time some error occurs or you are not able to access the details of your investments online, but if you have entered all the details in your Premium Excel Tracker then you can reach any time to the details of your investments.
  • A single Excel file will maintain all your investment details in one place.
  • If you track your investment on a regular basis and plan your investments properly then you will get more effortless income from your invested money.

This one time small investment of just Rs 1500/- towards “Investment Tracker” will make you organised in your personal finance and help you to monitor your money & wealth correctly.

By this tracker you can maintain your finance till 15 years and more without paying any additional amount.

So start maintaining your money & personal finance by self.

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