How can I maintain my Investments & Assets records by self ?

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Updated on 24 Feb 2024

We are earning money by our mind and hard work. We are spending this money for disposing of our responsibilities, entertainment and the rest we are saving to invest in different types of schemes and buying assets like houses, lands, plots, jewellery, etc.

But we are not keeping the records of all our investments. We are only keeping hard copies of the investment certificates randomly like Passbooks, FD certificates, Bond Certificates and many such documents in one place.

If these investments are very few then it always at our fingertips but as these increases during the course of time and we generally forgot how much investments we have done and where.

Do you need any CA or financial expert to maintain your finance?

Generally we are thinking that we need CA or finance expert to manage our personal money & investments information. But it’s not true now you can do it by self just spending 2 minutes time in 15 day or in a month.

If you are in IT, Technical, Marketing, Sales, Manufacturing, Medical, Writer, Content Creator, Youtuber, Business, or any other fields you can do it by self without having accounting background.

What is stopping us to maintain it?

Our general thinking is that I am not from accounting background so I cannot understanding finance but the reality is that you need only simple math.

Secondly sometime our lazy & ignoring behavior not allowing us to do this. And due to which many we loose an unseen income which we can generated easily but due to these reasons we are loosing it.

So it is very necessary that one should know about his/her money in rightly.

What you get to know if you are maintaining your money by self?  

By this, you get to know many things about you money and personal finance like…..

  • How much total money you have?
  • You kept in which banks or schemes?
  • How much tentative earning you are getting per month by all?
  • How much cash available with you for emergency needs and where you kept?
  • What is in your bank locker?
  • How much money you have for your retirement?
  • What is the purchase value of your properties and what is current value?
  • How much earning per month you am getting for real estate properties.
  • How much Gold, Silver you have and what is purchased value and what is current value?
  • How much money you have given to friends, relatives or your business venture/ partners?
  • Do you have all basic info of you and your family at one place like PAN, Aadhar, Driving license, passport, birth certificate, etc?

These all are very basic information which we generally do not know correctly as we do not know how to do it. But if you know the way, then spending just 2 minutes will help you to get all the information anytime.

This will help you to plan your finance, investments, renewals, asset purchase and many more things you can do.

How you can maintain your Investment & Assets records by self?

You have four ways to maintain it.

  1. You can record in Note Book.
  2. You can record in a paid online software.
  3. You can maintain in Microsoft Excel.
  4. You can maintain in Pre-designed Microsoft Excel.

1. In first option you have limitations and every time you have to calculate on calculator and if you are not good in accounting then you can face difficulty to do it.

2. In second method your all personal data get shared on internet which is very risky. Also every time you have to pay AMC charges for App or software and you always remain dependent on others

3. In third method you should be expert in Microsoft Excel so you can make formulas and can able to calculate rate of Interest.

4. If you have a Pre-designed Excel where all formulas / calculations are in place and your job is only to fill information then you get to know every aspect of your money in very nominal time.

It’s true, many of us are thinking that money management is a very personal thing so want to keep secret and don’t want to share it with anyone. That can be done in Pre-designed Excel sheet by putting your own password so your all personal financial information remain confidential with you only.

By this Youtube video of mine, you can learn how you can maintain your money & investment record information rightly and you can know many aspect of your money.

For that you need to spare 25 minutes of your precious time to watch this useful video till the end to understand better which is going to help you in long run.

Or you can understand by reading…….

You can also read in details by the an article……Take Control of your Money

So be serious about your Money which is going to help you in long run and help you to built your Financial Security.

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