Why it is important to start Investment Journey?

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Updated On: 12 Mar 2024

Living life freely without tension is a dream of all of us but in reality, life is not allowing us to enjoy.

This is just happening because of our regular liabilities. For these never-ending liabilities, we are running behind money and giving all our precious time just to earn money.

Very few people wanted to come out from this rat race. Most of the people are thinking either their earnings are less or savings are less or liabilities are more and due to this they are not even trying to come out. This philosophy is putting them on a path where they are working till their old age just to sustain life.

Is any way to come out of this rat race?

“There is a will there is a way”

If you look into your liabilities of the entire life, the money plays a vital role to fulfill and once we know that regular income or say money can only help us to dispose of the liabilities, we are running behind to earn money and working for money our entire life.

We never think if we have these regular earning without working for money or without doing any work or with less work then we can live our stress-free, peacefully and the way we want.

This will happen “when money works for you and you work for yourself”.

How it will happen?

To live life freely you need two things

  • Time
  • Money

Time – To enjoy your life you need time and presently you are giving all your time to earn money. If you have enough money which can give to sufficient earning then you can take care of your all liabilities and also live life comfortably without working for money then you can able to enjoy your time.

This will happen when you accumulate enough money but if you spend your accumulated money then one day your whole money will vanish to furnish all your liabilities.

So you need a way so your money will remain with you and your money will work for you.

To do this, you have to start your Investment journey.

Money – To accumulate the money you need to earn, save and more importantly invest your saved money in the right direction so you can earn enough money from your investments which can also help you to accumulate desired Corpus.

One day this Corpus will become so huge which will give as much returns by which you can take care of your further liabilities and lead your life peacefully. 

What is stopping us to start Investment Journey ?

Before starting an investment journey, most people have a perception that you need big money to start your investment journey and by small investments, nothing is going to happen in life but it is not true. Your regular investment can do miracles.

Yes, It is true. Even with less earnings & savings, you can accomplish your money goals if you start your investment journey at the right age. If you are late also then you need to earn & save a little more to accomplish your money goals. In both cases, if you make efforts, you can able to achieve it. After achieving the desired money goals you can live freely without worrying about liabilities.

Let’s find out How it works?

Many of us are earning either less or more but our earnings changes during with time and sometimes it becomes very high too. Even after getting higher earnings, people are struggling to sustain the same level or upper level of earnings as they know if it stops then further survival or keeping the same lifestyle will be very difficult and that is forcing them to work lifelong even after retirement.

Why this is happening?

It is happening just because we are focusing on earning more n more money by hard work and after getting this money we are saving and keeping in saving bank account every month and thinking that we will buy something or they are keeping this money for emergency needs. After a few days, we are spending on some unwanted things.

But you do not know that this money can also work for you and can give you an “effortless income” if you invest wisely. Even this money will work for you and give you an effortless income while sleeping also.

So starting an investment Journey is the only solution to create an effortless income.

Let’s understand Investment Journey closely?

We are earning money and first spending on our Liabilities & needs. Also saving some amount of money and keeping somewhere as cash or in saving bank account. But if we invest this money in any investment plan where your money is reasonably secured and give you regular reasonable income then without doing any work this money can give to an effortless income.

Initially, this effortless income will be less but slowly if you save and invest more and more then it will increase gradually and over some time it will become so big which will take care of your liabilities & needs also.

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Should we start our investment journey?

Yes, to get freedom in life it is very necessary to start your investment journey without wasting a single minute of your life. To get the desired results, one should plan the investment properly and set a target to achieve money goals and work on it consistently.

During course of time, your earnings and saving will fluctuate which will impact badly on your mind and de-motivate you but you should not lose the consistency of your investment journey.

With your handwork, creative mind and continuous efforts, if you can able to achieve your money goals in 8-10 years then you can enjoy your time entire life and can live stress-free.

What you should do to become successful in your investment journey?

Three things will help you to achieve your money goals.

  1. Sincerity for Investments
  2. Knowing about your Money
  3. Monitoring of Investments”

Other than these you should focus on your “Earnings”, “Savings” and “Investing”.

These all six can make your investment Journey very much successful.

What are the advantages you get if you start your Investment Journey?

Let’s see the major advantages we can get from investment journey

Freedom – If you can able to achieve your desired money goal then you can live your entire life freely by disposing of all your responsibilities. You can focus on your motives and hobbies in life which keeps you happy n satisfied. You can enjoy every moment of life.

Increase Saving – Once you plan your investment targets then you will start saving more money for investments. By doing these investments your money will get locked and it will remain in investment schemes as savings.

Decrease un-wanted expenditure – Once you invest your money, you will not take out just for unwanted expenditure and this will help you to decrease your un-wanted expenditure.

Start giving you an effortless income – Once you start your investment journey you will start earning effortless income. In beginning, it will be less say Rs 1-2k per month but as you save more and more it will increase and slowly it will start giving you significant income per month. This increment in your earning will boost your morale to save more and earn more. For that you need to monitor how much your monthly income from new investments has increased.

Emergency Fund – You should invest money in investment options where you can take out your money any time and also doing investment in lock-in investments option where you cannot take out your money before investment tenure. In case of any emergency you can take out your money from the non-lock-in option and this money can be utilized for any emergency needs. You will get both the advantage of the emergency fund and at the same time, it is giving you returns if you are not taking out.

Many more advantages you can get if you start your investment journey.

Even if any chance you fail to achieve your desired money goal then also by that time your accumulated money & investment start paying your sufficient income which will be like your Financial Security.

Being an earning person one should start Investment Journey sincerely By Tracking & monitoring your investment that can only multiply your money. Further, you can enjoy every moment of life and live stress-free.

So start your Investment Journey now by checking your money & investment ” how much money you have and how much monthly income your investments are generating”.   

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