Which is most important Mental Health or Fitness?

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Our general perception about healthy means mainly slimness, energy, fitness. To maintain these, we are doing a lot of efforts like dieting, avoiding junk food, taking a healthy diet, avoiding oily stuff and many more things.

Also to keep the body in shape, many of are doing yoga, going to Gym, doing morning walk, Brisk walking and so on.

But are we doing anything to keep our mind fit?

Here is the main problem.

Our general thinking is if our body remains fit and if we follow healthy diet then we are living healthy life. But in reality, we are doing well care of the body but no care of the mind. If you are stressing your mind and on the other hand doing all the things which keep your body fit then you will not going to be healthy.

Why we are more focusing on fitness?

At present time, this “fitness” word is more to show off and less to keep fit. We are so fantasised with the YouTube videos of fitness where slim young boys and girls are giving fitness tips and our mind is always thinking that one fine day maybe we will be slim like them. For motivation purposes it is fine but without understanding our body mechanism, we start doing all practices and forgetting one very important thing which is Mental Health.

What is Mental Health?

Our mind is a very important element of the body and without that, no one can lead a normal life. If this mind is in stressed condition then the body cannot remain fit. So your mind should be with less load so it will be stress-free. Your mental health will be good if you are satisfied & happy with the things you have.

How we are keeping our mind in the present time?

We are well equipped with the stress, either working men/women or Housewives. The present lifestyle is the main reason of our stress levels.

For working class people either from Job or from business, to have more and more money, comforts & Luxury we are giving best stress to our mind and keeping mind at the highest level to get the best results in life. Having comforts & Luxury is to keep us happy but after getting this most of the people have no time to enjoy the life and we are just getting all comforts & luxury with the stressed mind.

In non-working class especially housewives, they are more indulging their mind to make complex relations within the family members based on their liking or disliking and keeping their mind full of stress which further leads to depression and affecting others life also.

Both the people now unconsciously forcing their children to become more successful in life so they will get the same money, comforts & luxury with stressed mind and by doing this they are stressing minds of their kids & children from their childhood. Every parent wants their children to become Engineer, Doctor, IAS, Sachin Tendulkar, Dhoni and so on……and putting pressure on their child.

How we are playing with our mental health?  

At age of 3 years, people start putting their kids to playschool and trying to teach as much since the beginning. As age grows, the pressure of studies, extra activities putting pressure on kids and expectation of the parents nowadays becoming more complex. They never taught their children how to do the things in the right way with less stress and more with interest.

These all continue till the age 18 when they become adults. Now again new pressure to become something in life is fully engaging their mind with stress. Searching right profession which can give good earning slowly becomes the problem of most of the youth.

After getting into the profession, most people are looking for faster growth that also keeps engaging with stress. Then to settle the life we use to run behind the things and trying to get as much for us and our upcoming generation.   

By doing all, what we are getting?

By stressing our mind we can make money, comforts & Luxury but all without mental peace.

On other hand in bonus, people are getting many diseases like blood pressure, Sugar, heart problems at very young ages. Sometimes it will become fatal also.

Even by knowing all these facts, we are ignoring our mental health and continually stressing our mind and giving the highest level of stress to our mind.

Can fitness will rescue from mental stress?

“First create a problem then resolve it”

This phrase is well known to all of us but most of us are doing this only. Fitness is to keep our body organs healthy and it is true if you follow the ways to be fit then your degustation and most of the organs keep functioning well but if in another side if we stressed our mind then fitness will help in a very small way to rescues from stress. If your mind is in stressed condition then no organ will function smoothly.     

Is any formula to keep happy?

To understand better, I will tell you one real story…

My father was in a government job and somewhere in 1980s, he was posted at a very isolated location which was around 60 kilometers away from the small town. Finally, he decided that he will shift to a village which was very near to his job location. We had sifted in the village which was having some 40-50 houses made of Hut. Not much facilities were available in that village but every Sunday many local villagers were coming there to sell their products like grains, food, small items on street market. Many villagers of nearby villages were also coming for shopping. At that time a normal bicycle cost was around 350 rupees. One of the young chap age around 24-25 was coming every Sunday in this street market with his wife and one small kid of age around 4 on his bicycle. The bicycle was very much decorated with a front basket on both sides with plastics flower & leaves, the rim of the bicycle with golden colour, small seat for his kids on the front rod, vibrant pink small plastic piping on every spoke of his cycle wheel, fancy seat cover was giving new look to the bicycle. He had spent around 100-150 more rupees to decorate the bicycle. When he was riding in the cycle in that Sunday market with his wife & kid and the happiness I have seen on his face was the real pleasure which I never saw a person having BMW car worth of 80-90 Lakhs.

The moral of this story is that happiness lies in self, not in materialistic things like money comforts & Luxury. If it is really giving you happiness then it worth it.

Which is more important Metal health & fitness ?

Now it is easy to make out that both mental health and fitness are equally important although we are not giving much importance to our mental health. If we take care of our mental health then we can lead a normal stress-free life.

In present world can we take care of Metal health?

Many things are responsible for this stress, mainly our lifestyle, the society around which is giving few major diseases like competition, comparison, greediness, jealousy, selfishness and these all are mentally stressing our mind. Due to this, we are always engaged with these and these are stopping us to lead a satisfactory & happy life. This all is killing our creativity which comes only from our mind.

If you are satisfied and happy person then you will enjoy your life even with less things also and do some creative things in your life which give you a real pleasure.  

Many of us are thinking, especially 45+ people that now they can’t do any positive correction in their life as they have not earned enough money, not having assets, not able to create the comforts & luxury and so on. It is not necessarily, to keep happy we need all.

We need only things which can give happiness and once you start chasing the things you will get it. You should be doubly sure that after getting it you will be the happiest person on the earth. You should find such motive in life which keeps you happy while achieving it. By chasing your motive if you enjoy your life then this journey to achieve something will give you a pleasure full life.        

It is all up to us how we are thinking about life. If we are only stuck with things which are giving long term liabilities and never keep us free from mental tension then living a normal happy life is far away from us and if we are really interested to enjoy life then we should choose such a path which can give real happiness and help us to live a joyful life with satisfaction and happiness.  

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