20 ways to utilise time for self

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Time is just running out of hand and we are not able to find how we can control it. As time is passing, one more day is adding to the age. This loss of one day without utilising for meaningful work is like killing the time.

Many of us are not realising what we are losing, as time is keeping us engaged with liabilities and beyond liabilities, we are not thinking.

To live a meaningful, healthy and joyful life, one should think out of the box. It is a must otherwise whole life will get flew away disposing only of responsibility with routine life.

From where I should start?

First, arrange time for yourself. To start with, you should understand if you arrange time in a day then only you can spend this time for yourself. So do whatever which creates time for you. You can set up your routine, save travel time, finish your professional work in time, finish your food on time and many other ways you can adopt. 

To enjoy life you need to give time to yourself along with disposing of all the liabilities.

Where to Utilise time for self?

So now what to be done to chill out with time which keeps you happy and adds fun in your life. 20 ways you can adopt to utilise your time which gives you happy moments in your life.

1. Spend time with your friend

This is the best way to chill out your time with your old friends. This keeps you happy & stress-free and adds laughter in your life. Occasionally meeting with your friends can take you out from all the stress levels you have in life and add fun in your life.

2. Do regular Barbeque parties.

Not a good cook? No problem. Youtube is the best way to learn barbeque dishes in shorter time and can explore many recipes especially for barbeque dishes. Invite your one or two friends to join you with their families or you can enjoy with your spouse & kids. Keep ready your barbeque grill & charcoal. Do prepare and marinate little early to have a good taste.

Decorate your dining table with chutneys and sauces that make your gilled stuff tastier. Background light music will add fun to the party.

Doing regular such kind of happening will add fun to your family life. Spending money on higher food prices at malls or shopping complexes will empty your pocket quickly. If you arrange barbeque parties at home you can have thrill with your family & friends and at the same time this will be pocket friendly also.   

3. Do regular outings with a short drive

You can explore nearby places out of your town/city. Own two or four wheeler will make your drive more joyful. Exploring your nearby places within 100-200 kilometre distances which can be completed in a day time will add fun & thrill to your life.

Exploring places will enhance your and your family member’s seeking power and will help you to write about the place or share the experiences with your relative & your friends. It will give a lot of exposure to the kids too.

4. Do regular camping with bonfire

Look out for the locations near to your place where camping can be done either whole night or till late at night. Camping along with your family member & friend will add fun & thrill to your life. Arrange things nicely so you can have comfortable camping.

Music & bonfire can create a different atmosphere and make your camping more vibrant. Doing regular camping can add happiness to your life.

5. Spend time with your favourite hobbies

Our profession keeps us engaged in such a way that we always think about it. If you explore your favourite hobbies then your mind will be more relaxed and keep you happy.

Your hobbies can be writing, reading, sport, fitness, cooking, exploring places, adventuring, spirituality, voluntary social service, knowledge enhancement, helping & guiding people, etc.

This all will divert your mind from all your regular worries and make
your life more engaging and add meaning & thrill in your life.  

6. Watch your favourite movies

To engage your time for entertainment you can watch movies. Now a day many platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, etc. are providing facilities by which you can enjoy watching movies at your home creating the atmosphere of a cinema hall by the home theatre system.

Create space in your home for home theatre. Now a day’s home theatre systems are not that expensive.

7.  Read articles

If you love to read then, reading is one of the good ways to engage your time. It will enhance your knowledge & experience explored by others. This will help you to broad up your spectrum of mind.

This will also help you to make your personality more open and confident. This all you can have by sitting at home.

8. Write something

Lots many ideas and thoughts are coming into your mind about favourite subjects, ideas & experiences which you can express by way of writing.

In beginning, it looks a little tough as you are not habitual to writing something but if you continue writing then slowly you can become enough capable to write about your subject & experiences.

9. Develop Personality

You can work on to improve your personality by taking tips from the internet and start working on it. If you have a good personality then you can present yourself in a good way in your society. People will judge you by your personality. Make sure that you should not make your personality fake, it has to be real.

If you have a good & real personality then it will help you to succeed in most of the steps of your life as it will be like your strength.

10. Start something new or adventures

You can do some kind of adventurous things to add thrill to your life. Many adventurous activities like a day out with mountain bike, camping, climbing, exploring nearby adventurous sports, trekking, etc. can be explored.

It will make you more creative & adventurous.

11. Do nothing

You can sit alone with a cool-headed mind without any worries. Keep your mind away from all stresses. Relaxing your mind will make you more focused and mature. If one can have this practice at young age then facing the challenges of life will be easier.

It will also increase your mental strength.

12. Focus on fitness

Fitness is the most important part of life. It has two expect one is physical fitness and the other is mental fitness.

You can spend your time to keep you fit with good nutritious diets, exercise, yoga, running and sports activities.

You can do meditation or can do few practices to improve your mental strength.

13. Share your expertise with others

Everyone has the ability or expertise in some domains. Sharing your expertise with others will enhance your knowledge; make you more perfect and confident.

If your expertises are resolving problems of the people then it will help you to generate some income from your expertise. During the course of time, if you find it is generating income and you enjoy doing it too then you can work more on them and make you more perfect.

14. Create social networking

Mingling with people makes you more open to life. Spend your time to make your social network stronger. Try to add more and more people with you by social media network.

It will enhance your knowledge through experiences by others. You will get more exposure around the world sitting at one place.

15. Be talkative

Most of the people are shy to speak. Speaking habit is making you more open in and around people & your society. People will recognise you by your way of talking.

If you are talkative then you learn to express and work on convincing skills which will helps you to deal with the people in your personal & professional life.

16. Learn new skills

Learning new skills will make your time more meaningful. In this world demand for multi-skill and multi-tenanted people are very much high. Learning new skills makes you an expert and later help you to come out from all your routine work/jobs.

This will create changes in you and keep your mind more creative, innovative and diverse.  

17. Do cooking

Many of us are not good cooks and sometimes worst. Better to make a habit to cook some dishes you like. Few people have good cooking skills and make delicious dishes. If you are not a good cook then start practicing to become a good cook.

Slowly you can learn to make delicious and variety of dishes like Indian, Chinese, Continental, Thai and other varieties of dishes.

In India, every estate has different dishes with different way of cooking and taste. There is the vast list of dishes. The preparation differs from estate to estate. Learning about variety of spices and ingredients required for cooking is just a vast subject that keeps you more explorer.

18. Motivate yourself

Motivation is very important part of our life. One should keep motivating self by people’s way of living and people’s experiences.

This is like the re-generation of energy in self to move forward in life and keeps you more engaged with meaningful things. It will help you to keep the focus on your dreams.

19. Keep Dreaming

Without dreams, we are not humans. Our dreams may be small or big but everyone is dreaming about something. This may be for your work or related to your personal life.

Dreaming and effort to make them in reality, many times gives us way of life. Your dreams should be realistic and achievable.

20. Practice Spiritualism

Many of us are thinking that spiritualism should be practiced later span of life but it is not correct. Spiritualism makes us more confident and gives us the strength to face the challenges of life.

Religion is a belief system by which we are gaining strength and practice spiritualism regularly enhancing our mental strength.

It makes you a more humble and kind human being. Practicing from an early age will largely help us to make our large-hearted persona. So spending time for spiritualism makes our life easier.

These all are ways to keep your life joyful and happy. It will help you to take out from all your stress levels. You need to choose which works for you well and where you feel happier. So start adventuring your life with precious time.

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