Importance of Passive Income

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We all want to lead comfortable & relaxed life without any metal stress with little Liabilities. We wish to lead life on our own ways and wishes. Also we wish to have peaceful and graceful work which connects to our passion. All this will give more freedom & wisdom to our thoughts which help us to lead quality life.

Can we really get this ?

Since our childhood we have seen our parent/ society around us are always busy to fulfil their basic needs. Due to struggling life for money their whole is going into fulfil their liabilities. Whatever they are earning, all are going to meet liability obligations. Even further generations are also following the same pattern of life and their life is become monotonous. But now the time is changing getting money, asset building and getting luxury are not that much big things now, only someone need to explore the option to make money by easy means. Many people of all ages are making significant changes in lifestyle by exploring to get more money with less effort by legitimate ways. It’s all happen when we earn money and invest is right direction so in future return on investments can give us regular source of income so we can lead life without doing work or doing very little work. This earing by return of investments is known as “passive income”.

So what the way forward ?

So we all should work towards creation of easy income/ passive income which can come to us when we don’t work and even while sleeping also money comes by own way. Yes it is possible. To achieve this we only need disciplined earnings and investments of our hard earned money in right direction. As early age we start, the goal will be much easier.

What actually happening with us ?

After completion of academics most of us are focusing to get the job and earning money to meet-up the regular expense. At this initial stage of life our general thinking is that our earning is for spending not for saving as initial earnings are less. We are not even thinking that why we can’t save some bucks for future. Even after increments in earning also we always see what others are doing and just seeing the glossy picture of other lifestyle without thinking we are following their footsteps and spending our hard earn money lavishly just to show our grand lifestyle. Few of us are little smarter those are try to save money or either building assets, wealth without proper planning.

Also our society system pushes us to buy our “Own house” so we proudly can say that we are living in own house but the real picture is much different what it look like. The housing loan burden drastically increase our stress level which lead to more metal stress, more working hours, health problem and no time for near n dears. We all know that we have to buy one house, need money for holiday, money for kid’s education, to wear expensive branded accessories to lead luxury life to showcase top in society and for all this we are actually loosing our hard earned money. Same time we are struggling to earn money of which major part is going in spending and left with little savings. This all we are doing just to proof himself in society as superior.

So how to stop this and take right direction?

If we control all this we can save big chunk of money by which either liquid or physical assets can be created for generating regular passive income. Once it grow as big corpus it will start paying us income without doing any work.

Above is the one aspect, other is our mind set which is always pushing us to proof himself to be the best and love to have praising words from other mouth. The whole life we are doing this only. Life is way beyond this all. God has given in-built talent in every human being only one need to find in self. We should access the ability of our talent which can earn money and give happiness too. Moreover we all wants to do the work of our passion.

If you ask anyone what is the end goal of life you will get the answer “I want to live enjoyable life”.  

What is enjoyable life and where we get that?

In this world, to live relaxing and enjoyable life you need time & money. If you can save your valuable earned money and do smart investments, you can enjoy your life forever. This will happen when you have regular monthly income from your saved corpus or by created assets. Once we understand this then actually we understand the importance of word passive income.

“Passive Income means the money inflow without investing time for making money or without physical presence”.

In this commercial world we need money to first fulfill our needs and then dreams too. There is big significance of money in our life and we all need this money to fulfill our basic needs first. Once you climb first step to fulfill you needs, you can start looking to fulfill your dreams.

We people are engaged in completing education till their age 21. After 21 focusing on profession, marriage and setting up family. If we can start thinking for passive income at age 21 itself or at the time of start earning, then it will be right time to start creating foundation for generating passive income for future. If we are late too but still we can archive.

More important that even saving small amount regularly can also create big corpus in future due to return on investment if investment made for to longer duration around 20-25 years.

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